How Much Do Americans Spend on Thanksgiving?

There are few holidays cherished more in America than Thanksgiving. It’s a time when we can get together with family, reflect on what we’re most thankful for and best of all, stuff ourselves full of a glorious combination of meat, potatoes, pie and other calorie-laden cuisine.

However, the first Thanksgiving was a celebration of making it through a tumultuous time on very little sustenance. The point was to show appreciation for what little food and resources the first Americans had to survive on. Now, the holiday has been distorted into a revelry of excess when many people cook more food than any human could possibly eat, then try to eat it all anyway.

However, with an economy in which many Americans still struggle to stay afloat and food price increases on the way, there a lot of people looking to cut back the cost of Thanksgiving this year. Rightly so, too–you could be saving money this November by not only buying less food, but wasting less of what’s purchased as well.

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Below is an examination of how much we actually spend on Thanksgiving food–perhaps it will convince you to join the 40 percent of families who are scaling back on the holiday this year and realize you can show thanks without cooking a 20 pound turkey.

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