7 People Who Should Be on Your Christmas List, and How To Budget for Their Gifts

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There are some people who will always be on your Christmas list. Usually, they include parents and in-laws, siblings, partners and/or children. Members of your extended family, like grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and nieces and nephews may also make the cut. You may even branch out beyond the family tree and add your friends, your boss or a coworker, a teacher at your child’s school, a roommate or a good neighbor to this list.

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But are you missing anyone else who should be on your Christmas list? You might not be considering some of these individuals who play an important role in your life and your local community, but you should. Here are seven people to remember this holiday season, and some budgeting tips for their gifts.

Child Care Providers

Parents who drop their children off at a daycare or hire a favorite babysitter to watch over the kids should add these individuals to their holiday list. Great child care providers deserve a gift as a thank you for all of their hard work throughout the year.

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At-Home Service Providers

Do you have a person you regularly employ to clean your home? What about a pool person or a gardener? If so, they should be on your Christmas list. At-home service providers are of great value to your home, so it’s nice to let them know that.

Barbers and Hairdressers

If you see a barber on a regular basis or keep appointments with a hair stylist, add them to your Christmas list. Many clients are often loyal to their hairdressers and will keep one who is a good fit for years on end. If they’re good to you and your hair, don’t forget to gift them something special during the holidays.

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Dog Walkers

Finding a trustworthy dog walker isn’t easy, so if you have a reliable one who loves your pup — don’t forget to add them to your Christmas list. Same goes for any other kind and caring pet sitters.

Mail Carriers/Delivery Drivers

Mail carriers ensure you receive your mail on time and delivery drivers drop off your packages just when you’re expecting an arrival. They’re kind of a package deal — pun intended — so thank them for their continuous hard work by adding these individuals to your Christmas list.

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Garbage Collectors

In a GOBankingRates holiday spending survey, only 16% of 1,025 Americans surveyed said they tip their garbage collectors. Show how much you appreciate those who faithfully pick up your trash and recycling by adding them to your holiday list.

School Bus Drivers

If your kids get picked up by a school bus driver each day and you’ve developed a rapport with the driver, it’s a good idea to add them to your Christmas list for a gift.

How To Budget for Additional Holiday Gifts

By now, your holiday gift list has increased significantly! How can you budget for this? Here are several tips.

Stick to the List Now

This is the general rule of thumb for budgeting for anyone with a shopping list, and the same can be said for a Christmas list with a few extra inclusions. Create a little wiggle room for these additional people you’re gifting. Then, stick to the list when purchasing gifts.

Give Gift Cards

Giving a gift card allows you to set the exact price that fits your budget, and allows the recipient to use the funds for any purpose they like. It also allows gift givers to pick out a gift card that matches the recipient’s personality or interests. For example, if your trusted dog walker loves makeup, they will be excited to receive a gift card to a beauty store like Sephora or Ulta.

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Cook or Bake

Who doesn’t love a homemade meal or festive baked goods during the holidays? And it’s more affordable for you, too!

The one caveat is to be mindful of the dish or baked item you’re gifting. Make sure the recipient is not allergic to the food and will be able to enjoy it. See if you can strike up a conversation with these individuals throughout the year about their favorite treats and tuck away any details they may reveal. If the gardener always compliments you on your pies and tells you they love apple pies, you’ll know exactly what to do next. 

If you are uncertain about any food allergies or preferences, write up a homemade “IOU” coupon as a gift. Let them know they can cash it in with you anytime and receive the dish exactly the way they like it.

Write a Handwritten Card

Sometimes the best way to say thank you is to do it from the heart. Buy a nice card and write a few kind sentences in it about how much you appreciate them and are grateful to have them in your life. A handwritten card spreads a great deal of holiday cheer. You might even be on their Christmas list and receive one in return!

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