What to Do on Pi Day 2014: Free Events, Freebies and Discounts

What is Pi Day? In 2009, U.S. Congress passed a resolution to recognize March 14 as Pi Day, in an effort to strengthen focus on mathematics and sciences.

Pi Day falls on March 14, or 3/14, an approximation of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is an irrational number, meaning its digits extend infinitely without forming a pattern, though it is often approximated to 3.14159, or simply 3.14.

Celebrate Pi Day 2014 with These Deals, Sales and Freebies

Math and science are pretty central to the finance world, too, and having a strong foundation of these concepts is central to personal finance.

On Pi Days past, we’ve given a rundown of how to earn a high savings rate worth 3.14% or more. To help you celebrate Pi Day 2014 the smart and cheap way, GOBankingRates has rounded up the best Pi Day freebies, deals and events.

From what you wear to what you do and what you put in your piehole, these Pi Day deals will help you celebrate the iconic numeral while saving money.

Sales for Pi Day Gear

Show your pride at a discount with Pi Day sales on shirts, stickies and other pi-themed products.

  • MentalFloss.com is offering free shipping for orders over $31.41 with the code 3.14159*, and carries an impressive array of pi-themed products.
  • ThinkGeek.com has a selection of pi-themed apparel marked down by as much as 33 percent.
  • Zazzle.com has close to 2,000 pi-themed products and is currently offering 17 percent off with code STPATDAY2014.

Cheap or Free Pi Day 2014 Events

If you’re looking for an event where you can meet like-minded pi enthusiasts on the cheap, see the list of free or cheap Pi Day events. You might also want to check with your local library, as many offer free Pi Day events or activities for children.

  • The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Fla., is offering special Pi Day events, including free screenings of several math-related films for free, and math-related tours of the museum with admission. Local math teachers are admitted free all day with a district ID.
  • Exploratorium in San Francisco, one of the first organizations to recognize Pi Day is offering free admission all day on March 14, with special Pi Day events from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. And free pie is part of the equation!
  • Gastonia Grizzlies, a minor-league baseball team in North Carolina, are offering single-game tickets for $3.14 for their March 14 game. In addition, all merchandise will be marked down 31.4%.
  • Owensboro Museum of Science and History in Kentucky is hosting a Pi Day activity at 2:00 pm on March 14 for young children, which will include a pi-themed story, cookies and a craft to make a Pi Day bracelet.
  • The City of Phoenix is host to “The World’s Largest Pie Fight for Peace,” hosted by organization Peace Pi. Hosted at Walter Studios Art Center, admission to the event is $10 and includes two pies to throw. Food, drink and entertainment will also be part of the event.
  • Pi K Fun Run in Chicago starts at 6:28 pm (2p) and is 3.14 miles in length. The run includes a free t-shirt and a slice of pie at the finish line. Advance registration is required and costs $25; proceeds benefit programs of the Illinois Science Council. The organization’s website also includes a list of pie deals available throughout Chicago on Pi Day to help runners re-energize after the race.
  • Princeton is hosting a variety of free Pi Day events from March 14 to 15, including recreating the 1,000 Fireflies project with bike lights. The events’ sponsors also offer a range of discounts on everything from food and drink to a hair treatment.
  • Seattle Children’s Museum is offering special Pi Day events. Admission is $8.25 for adults and children, or $1 for low-income families when they show a WA EBT or Food Stamp card.

Deals and Freebies: Eat Pie on Pi Day

Not only do pie and pi sounds the same, they both owe a lot to the circle. Here are some great deals and freebies for pie of both the pizza and dessert variety, or a coffee to go with, on Pi Day.

  • Blaze Pizza is offering any pizza for just $3.14 on March 14. Limit one pie per customer.
  • Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro in Boston, MA is offering $3.14 slices of pie during breakfast and lunch hours on March 14.
  • Dinkel’s Bakery in Chicago is offering a free slice of pie with a lunch sandwich purchase, as well as $3.14 5-inch pies and $9.87 (pi squared) 9-inch pies.
  • First Slice in Chicago, will grant a buy-on-get-one-free deal to all customers who say “Happy Pi Day!” on March 14.
  • Magpie in Philadelphia has marked its Butterscotch Bourbon pie down to $3.14 per slice on March 14.
  • Marie Callender’s: For the month of March, those who dine in will get $5 off any whole pie to-go.
  • Rocky Hill Inn in Rocky Hill, N.J., is offering free pie slices all day on 3/14.
  • St. Pete-Clearwater Airport in Clearwater, Fla., whose three-letter airport code is PIE, is handing out free slice of  strawberry or key lime pie along the airport curbside from 1 p.m. to 3:14 p.m.
  • Starbucks: Get a free Grande coffee with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich. Ends March 14.
  • Your Pie chain is having its fifth annual Pi Day celebration this year, recognizing the event with pizzas that start at $3.14.

Photo credit: jcolman