12 Presidents Day Car Sales and Deals From Cadillac, Nissan and More


With specials running throughout the month, Presidents Day is a great time to buy a car, truck or van. Whether you’re looking to lease or buy, pay cash or secure financing, you can drive off in a set of wheels for less in February. Keep reading to learn the best deals you can find this Presidents Day weekend.

Presidents Day Weekend 2018 Car Sales and Deals

Note that deals are often hyperlocal, and regional dealers might be running offers that are different from the ones listed here. Offers also feature small-print disclaimers about credit history, income and other factors relating to your status as a “qualified buyer,” so review the biggest car-buying “do’s” and “don’ts” before you sign on the dotted line.

Here are the car sales and deals to look out for Presidents Day weekend 2018:

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For drivers looking for the perfect ride to cruise into spring, Presidents Day — and the entire month of February — is filled with sales, discounts, deals, incentives and offers. Be on the lookout for promotions for cash back, low-interest financing or options for leasing. Finally, read all the fine print, understand the deal before you sign and drive safely.

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