Scam Spotting: What Are the 5 Most Fake Reviewed Amazon Products Around the Holidays?

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On Dec. 5, Saoud Khalifah, the founder and CEO of FakeSpot, posted a tweet targeting the five most fake reviewed categories on Amazon. The tweet comes “after the record breaking Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness,” Khalifah wrote.

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According to Fakespot, a site that uses AI to analyze millions of product reviews and reviewers to detect evidence that they might be biased or bogus, the following categories received a “C grade” or lower — meaning that consumers should be particularly wary when shopping them.


Based on Fakespot’s technology, 45% of reviews for wristwatches are fake. “Not surprisingly, wrist watches make the top 5 with many copy cats of known designs by Apple, Garmin and others with many cheap/counterfeit derivations available,” Khalifah wrote.

Christmas Trees and Decor

According to Fakespot, 45% of reviews for trees and Christmas decor are bogus. “Trees and X-mas decor are in the top 5 as sellers know that getting into the top with fake reviews can make or break their sales this holiday season,” Khalifah tweeted.

Smartwatch Bands

Fakespot found that 45.3% of reviews for smartwatch bands on Amazon are fake. “Correlated with watches and the most obvious accessory to add to the checkout,” wrote Khalifah.

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Pullovers and Sweaters

Based on Fakespot’s findings, 59.5% of reviews on pullovers/sweaters are phony. “This is one of the most competitive categories to stand out in with a plethora of fake reviews,” Khalifah tweeted.


The category with the most fake reviews on Amazon, according to Fakespot, is slippers, with 71% bogus reviews. “This should not have been surprising but it was,” Khalifah wrote. “Try searching this category on @amazon and take a look at the results. No name brands with tens of thousands of ratings.”

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Shortly after Khalifah posted on Twitter, Amazon’s customer support team, @AmazonHelp, publicly responded via tweet.

“We’re sorry to hear about any negative experiences! You can find our Community Guidelines, as well as how to report violations, here: https://amzn.to/3h0pkYa. We’re here to help. -Bree.”

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