8 Tips for Holiday Shopping at Dollar Stores

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Even if you’re looking forward to the holidays, no one is immune to the pressure the season puts on your budget, with expectations to buy gifts, holiday decor, food and more. Fortunately, dollar stores (including Dollar Tree and Family Dollar) can relieve some of your financial stress with their vast, affordable variety of holiday goods.

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Here are some great tips to save money on your holiday shopping by hitting up your local dollar stores.

Buy Stocking Stuffers

Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, recommends turning to dollar stores for your stocking stuffers. Specifically, when it comes to name-brand candies, Ramhold said, “You can typically find small containers of them that are perfect for stockings for around $1.25 or so at Dollar Tree stores.”

She added that you can find such items as Tuck’s caramels, small bags of M&Ms, Godiva bars, mini Kit-Kats and more that are perfect for friends and family for a sweet treat to snack on while opening gifts.

Make Your Money Work for You

Get Your Holiday Decor

Holiday decorations can get expensive, but if you just need to fill out some areas of your home with a few pieces, check out the dollar store for nice items that won’t cost a fortune.

“Pick up cute mini trees and decorate them with tiny ornaments, or use buffalo plaid trees as part of your holiday centerpieces,” Ramhold recommended. You can also go for a rustic look with festive tin or wooden signs that are priced $1.25 to $5 each. “Or even pick up craft supplies to DIY decorations and ornaments with the kids,” Ramhold said.

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Use Manufacturer’s Coupons

If you want to really save money during the holidays, take advantage of Dollar Tree’s manufacturer coupon policy, according to The Krazy Koupon Lady. When items are already so affordably priced, at $1.25 or so, even something as small as .50 to .75 cents off will vastly discount your products.

Make Your Money Work for You

According to her blog, Dollar Tree accepts either printable internet manufacturer coupons or the paper ones you find in newspapers and inserts. They don’t accept digital coupons. You can only use one of these coupons per item, but you can use as many different coupons as you can get your hands on, so long as they aren’t for identical items.

Buy Holiday Wrap

Have you ever bought way more wrapping paper than you needed and then wind up throwing it out before the next holiday season? Do your holiday wrap shopping at dollar stores instead, and even if you buy too much, you’ll feel good about not having spent too much. Or, better yet, just buy gift bags for specific items, which dollar stores have in droves.

Stack Coupons With Rebates

According to The Krazy Koupon Lady you can use both manufacturer’s coupons and rebate apps to bring the total of your Dollar Tree items down to almost nothing. She recommends the following apps:

Make Your Money Work for You

Find Festive Glassware

Dollar Tree stores have a huge selection of specialty glassware for $1.25 each, Ramhold explained, which means you can pick up as little or as much as you need without having to fork over a ton of cash.

“Pick up dessert shot glasses to make mini desserts for a party, wine or champagne glasses, martini glasses, even brandy glasses. They’re all great for serving drinks in, but also can pull double duty if you’re looking to mix up your serving. Plus, keep an eye out for Irish coffee mugs that are perfect for hot cocktails or even just homemade hot chocolate.”

Shop Online With In-Store Pickup 

Not everything you see online is available in your local dollar store, Ramhold said, but you can often shop online and have items shipped to your local store for free. “While it means a trip out when your products arrive, it’s good to keep in mind if you’re looking for ways to cut costs even further.”

Start Shopping Early

The time to shop for your holiday needs at dollar stores is as soon as possible, as they put out the holiday items early. This not only means you’ll have access to the best inventory, but you can get ahead of the holiday madness while saving money, too!

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