What To Buy and What Not To Buy in December

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Shopping is typically on most people’s minds in December as multiple holidays take place in this month, and gift giving is a common tradition for many. Retailers take advantage of this time by putting certain products on sale, some at incredible discounts, while leaving other products at the same price points you’ll find most of the year.

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Here we found five products whose discounts or sales during the month of December make them worth purchasing — and five you’ll want to wait to buy.


BUY: Headphones

Headphones are a popular gift option, whether you or your loved ones enjoy listening to music or audiobooks, or streaming your favorite shows from your tablet or computer. Fortunately, you’re likely to find good deals on everything from airpods to noise-canceling headphones in December, according to Consumer Reports.

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BUY: Coffee Makers

Coffee is a beverage for all seasons — hot or cold. And now there’s a coffeemaker for any kind of coffee you could hope to make, from affordable single-cup makers like Keurig, to fancy barista-style coffee stations that run at a higher price. Consumer Reports recommends buying them on what are likely to be good holiday sales in December.

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BUY: Tools

If you or someone you know is in the market for some new tools to get projects done at work or home, December is your month, according to Cheapism, which reports that items such as wrenches, screwdrivers and drill sets are often on sale this month.


BUY: Vacuums

Holiday sales can be great times to buy things for your household. A new vacuum can be a pricey item; but, according to Consumer Reports, December is a great month to get on top of your household cleaning with great deals.

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BUY: Fitness Trackers

Exercise equipment is more likely to go on sale in January, but fitness trackers are popular gifts for the holidays and thus are likely to be found on sale, according to Consumer Reports. They come in a wide range of prices and features; so, if you don’t have a huge budget, you can still find one you like.


DON’T BUY: Exercise Equipment

Anticipating the New Year’s Resolutions that people will set in January, a lot of retailers don’t start putting these products on sale until the New Year. So wait to buy your treadmills, Pelotons, dumbbell sets and more, according to Offers.com.

DON’T BUY: Winter Clothes

When it comes to seasonal outfits, buying the clothes for the season you’re currently in usually means paying full price. Things like snow clothes often sell out quickly. Instead, Offers.com recommends buying winter clothes when they go on sale in the New Year, or closer to spring for the following winter.

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DON’T BUY: Mattresses

If you’re tired from shopping, don’t think you can rest on a new mattress. According to Offers.com, these don’t tend to go on sale until after the holidays, so you’ll be on a fool’s errand or paying more than you need to.

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DON’T BUY: Televisions

While you can catch a few Black Friday deals on TVs, it might be better to wait until February. That’s when, in preparation for the large number of viewers who watch the Super Bowl, TVs get suddenly put on deep discount.

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DON’T BUY: Electronics

There’s really only one good time to buy electronics before the holidays, and that is around Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. If you missed the boat there, according to the TrueMoneySaver.com blog, you’re better off waiting for January and February sales, when stores try to reduce the inventory that didn’t sell at the holidays.

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