Wife Appreciation Day: 14 Cheap Gifts Your Wife Will Love

Sunday, Sept. 21 is Wife Appreciation Day 2014, when spouses everywhere can show the ladies in their lives that they love and appreciate them. Wife Appreciation Day is an unofficial holiday that falls on the third Sunday of September.

Women are 27.7 percent more likely than man to take care of household activities on the average day, and when they do household activities they spend a half hour longer on these tasks than men, according to a survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wives obviously make a lot of contributions to a household, and these tasks can be easy to overlook or undervalue. But Wife Appreciation Day is a chance to recognize wives for all they do and give them some added love and support. 

This Wife Appreciation Day, consider a little something extra to make your wife feel loved and appreciated. Don’t let frugality hold you back — with the help of these 14 gift suggestions from GOBankingRates, you can show your love without spending much (or anything) at all. 

7 Free Wife Appreciation Day Gifts

The most meaningful gestures between spouses are often not the most expensive, but those that show support, thoughtfulness, and make partners feel loved, romanced, and supported. Here are seven Wife Appreciation Day gift ideas that you can give for absolutely free.

  • Cover an errand or chore: Everyone has those items on their to-do lists that they are dreading or continually putting off. Pick something you know your wife hates doing or hasn’t been looking forward to, and get it done.
  • Massage her: Whether it’s a small foot massage or a full-body pampering, offer to give your lady a massage. It’ll help her feel relaxed, make her feel great and will help you reconnect as a couple. Plus a massage from you is free!
  • Create a playlist: Put together a playlist of music that is meaningful to you as a couple, or any other love songs that remind you of her.
  • Write a love letter: It only takes a few moments to jot a handwritten love letter to your wife, letting her know that you think she’s amazing, sexy and wonderful. Or if love notes are more of your style, write reasons why you love and appreciate her on post-its and leave them around the house, in her purse, on her phone or other places where she’ll find them throughout the day.
  • Take a walk down memory lane: Spend a date night reliving your favorite memories together, visiting “your spots” together — the place you met, your first date, the place you got engaged or married.
  • Set aside time for her: Give her a calendar or planner with time you’ve blocked out each week or month that will be for just you two to spend together.
  • Give her time for herself: Or if your wife is the kind of woman who appreciates some alone time, give it to her. Take over whatever responsibilities she might have, whether it’s kids, the dishes or running errands, so she can spend the evening however she wishes.

7 Wife Appreciation Day Gifts Under $20

For those who have some room in their budgets to purchase gifts for Wife Appreciation Day, it still doesn’t take much to make her feel special. Here are seven thoughtful Wife Appreciation Day gift ideas that will cost less than $20.

  • A homecooked, candlelit meal: The dinner doesn’t have to be particularly fancy or expensive, and cooking at home will make it easy to keep costs below $20. If you’re lacking know-how, hit YouTube for easy, quick meal tutorials.
  • Chocolates: More than a third of women said they would want to get chocolates from a romantic partner, according to a survey from Credit Donkey. Chocolates are fairly inexpensive, with a pound of assorted chocolates from See’s costing $18.
  • Fresh flowers: While the price for a dozen roses usually runs upwards of $35, most women will appreciate fresh (and inexpensive) flowers from the grocery store just as much. See these tips from Huffington Post to transform grocery store flowers into a professional-looking arrangement.
  • Framed photo of you two together: An attractive picture frame can easily be found for less than $10 at most department or drug stores. Just add a photo that captures a special moment together.
  • Bottle of wine: Pick up a bottle of her preferred wine — plenty of $15 bottles taste just as good as more expensive brands. Or learn how to mix up her favorite cocktail for her on YouTube, as the cost of ingredients for most drinks will fall within this budget.
  • Her favorite scent: Give her an item in her favorite scent, like a candle, bubble bath, massage oil, body spray or wash to instantly make her space more inviting, luxurious and relaxing.
  • A book on her interests: Whether your wife loves travel, super heroes or fancy cheeses, you can find a beautiful book out there on the subject priced at $20 or less. A book like this is a thoughtful gift that shows you are aware and supportive of her interests.

Photo credit: Hamed Masoumi