12 Home Storage Solutions That You Can Add for Cheap

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If your home is overflowing with stuff you’re having trouble putting in its place, it may be time to rethink your storage situation. Half the time the problem is not that you have too much stuff, it’s how you’re organizing it. With some creative storage solutions, you might be able to find room for everything, without having to pay a mint, either. Here are some creative and affordable home storage solutions that won’t cost too much.

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Baskets and Bins

If you have a problem of small items cluttering surfaces — counters, floors, desks and nightstands — a quick and affordable solution can be found in the form of baskets and bins. From old-fashioned woven baskets to cloth bins, these simple methods of containment can often fit neatly into corners, under things and out of the way, but serve as a useful repository for those annoying little things that stack up, from mail to cords to vitamins.

Mason Jar Organizers

If your silverware or utensils are crowding out your kitchen drawers or spending too much time in the dish drainer because you don’t have a home for them, it might be time to invest in some inexpensive mason jars. Punch a hole in their lids, or leave lids off altogether and you can store items neatly and easily. Their kitschy, iconic look can also add style to your kitchen.

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Photo Storage Boxes

Somewhere in most people’s homes is a cardboard box or drawer full of uncategorized photographs, stored together willy-nilly without any rhyme or reason. Photo boxes are elegant and functional storage items that also allow you to label your photographs and then store them safely in a garage, under a bed or in a closet.

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Closet Shelf Dividers

If your jeans and your shirts and your sweaters are all merging into one entangled pile in your closet shelves, rather than getting rid of things, consider adding shelf dividers, which attach to shelves and create simple barriers between items, making it easier to keep them neat and separate.

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Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets can serve a function for more than just dirty clothes — their plastic spaces are the perfect sort of container for things you use often and need to pull out, such as sports equipment or shoes, things that might also bring in a bit of dirt with them. Handles make them easy to transport, and their plastic surfaces make them easy to wash down.

Craft Cart

If you live in a home with an avid crafter of some kind, whose art supplies tend to spill out or clutter a surface, consider a stand-alone, wheeling plastic craft cart with pull out drawers. These can be conveniently moved to any part of the house — or even outside — for happy creating.

Honeycomb Organizers for Drawers

Are your socks all over the place? Undies in a pile? Or is there a confusion of glasses and mugs in your kitchen cabinets? Honeycomb organizers — little plastic dividers that are, you guessed it, in the shape of a honeycomb — are perfect for storing small items individually and keeping them separate from each other.

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Shelving Units/Storage Racks for Closets and Walls

If you have the kinds of closets that are a danger to open because a pile of things falls out, you might want to consider wire shelving units or storage racks. Take advantage of the flush wall surface of a closet, and the neat, orderly structure of shelving, which makes space where there wasn’t any before, at less of a risk to the person who opens that door. You can also add shelving to wall spaces where you need more storage.

Clear Plastic Shoe Organizer for Kitchen Pantry

Those clear plastic shoe organizers that hang on the backs of doors can be repurposed for almost any room, but are especially useful for kitchen pantries, where you may have a ton of small jars, cans and bottles.

Toy Bin Units

If you’re tired of tripping over toys and stuffed animals, consider a toy bin unit, where boxes or bins affix to a rack or frame and keep toys tidy.

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Seasonal Storage

If you’re a fan of decorating for the holidays, you probably have a variety of items all shoved into a closet somewhere: Halloween ghoulies with Christmas décor and the like. Consider a seasonal storage cabinet or system where you rotate out items at different times of year.

Outdoor Storage Shed

If you’re lucky to have space outside in your yard, consider an additional outdoor storage shed. These can range in size and price from very small and affordable to quite large and pricey, so be sure to shop around for one that fits your needs.

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