8 Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Playroom

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If your time on Pinterest is mostly spent pinning trendy playroom upgrades, but not knowing where you’ll find the money to make them, you’ve come to the right place. Taking your playroom to the next level doesn’t have to be a costly undertaking, and no walls need to be knocked down in the process. There are plenty of things you can do relatively easily, or pick up for cheap, that will make your playroom that much more enjoyable for your kids. 

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Put Up Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way. Gone are the days where it was complicated to put up and a nightmare to take off. Now, you can pick up peel and stick wallpaper that lasts several years, but it’s easily removable if you need to change it. A little bit of fun wallpaper can add a burst of personality to a room. You can also use the paper to easily create an accent wall by using the removable wallpaper on a single wall in the room. Prices start at $8 on Amazon.

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Add Cube Storage

These shelves are essential for any kids’ room because they hold a lot, hide mess, and make cleaning up easy. Cube organizer shelves can be customized with colorful baskets and bins to match your playroom’s decor. Each bin can be for something specific, and you can even add cute labels so your kids know where to put their toys. Since the bins and baskets typically aren’t clear, you and your kids can just throw things in, and the room will look immaculate even if the toys are a mess in the bin. These types of shelves sell for as low as $25 at Walmart.

Frame Photos

This is the easiest trick to class up any room in the house. Get photos printed of your family or something that your child really likes. Photo printing can cost as little as $0.39 at Target. Next, find frames that fit the photos and you’re all set! You can get photos with customized frames for $14+ at Target. Tools to hang the pictures cost under $2.

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Get a Fun Rug 

Kids spend a lot of time on the floor, and a rug can serve as an extra toy if you get the right one. Many rugs have towns, streets and railroads on them that kids can bring into the world they’re creating with their other toys. There’s also rugs with games or the alphabet on them so kids can learn while they play. These start at $24 on Wayfair. 

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Treat Your Kids to Cool Chairs

The chair can really make a room–especially when you’re a kid. A bean bag chair is fun and comfortable for kids (adults: I don’t recommend them. It takes a week to get out). Walmart offers bean bag chairs for $21 in a variety of colors. You can also get a chair in a fun shape like a hand or a hamburger. Target sells the hamburger-shaped lounger for $51. Many chairs for kids also feature popular characters, like this one at Walmart for $25 that has Spiderman on it with comfortable sherpa trimming, so your kid can relax in style. 

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Create a Chalkboard Wall

Kids love to draw on the walls, and with a chalkboard wall, it’s totally okay. This wall can also be a teaching tool or a place for you to leave notes for your kids if you want. To make a chalkboard wall, you can purchase chalkboard paint at Home Depot for $12. A pack of chalk is just $0.99 at Target.  

Set Up a Craft Table

Craft tables for kids are made to be durable and drawn on, so you don’t have to worry about a mess. This $30 table from Wayfair has a cup holder, too, so there’s less opportunity for spills. It also comes with an indent where kids can put their pens, pencils and crayons when they’re not using them. 

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Make a Snooze Corner

All that play is bound to make kids a little sleepy. Have a small couch or daybed for the times when kids need to take a little nap. Amazon offers a small couch that folds out into a bed that’s perfectly sized for little ones for just $55. 

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Make Your Money Work for You

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