Check Out These 3 Easy DIY Projects to Welcome Spring to Your Home

Check out 3 fun DIY projects to help you spring into the season.

The groundhog was particularly gruesome this year, forecasting extra-frigid weather for a large majority of the country. If you’re dying to shake off the winter blues, trade in your cabin fever for a little DIY spirit — these three projects are easy on the wallet and have just the extra pizzazz to take your home’s vibe from winter to spring.

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Project No. 1: Washi Tape Picture Frames

Perfect for those apartment-dwellers who want to spruce up their space without losing a penny of their precious security deposit, Washi tape provides the perfect solution to hanging wall art without getting nails or a hammer involved.

Take your Washi tape and apply it to your desired photos in a fun, geometric “frame” shape for a functional and cheap decor option.

What You’ll Need:

A tube of Washi tape: $14.99

What It’ll Cost:


Project No. 2: Potato-Printed Table Runner

In addition to being a fantastic way to spud up a meal, potatoes can prove to be handy even in the arts and craft world. Give your dining room table a fresh look for spring with the help of a trusty root, a dash of patience and some fabric paint.

All you need to do is slice your potato in half, carving a spring-themed shape into one half to make a starchy stamp.

What You’ll Need:

Burlap runner: $4.29
Fabric paint: $3.37

What It’ll Cost:


Project No. 3: Typography Throw Pillow

Typography’s the word — especially when it comes to home decor. You don’t need to splurge on new IKEA items for your pad — upgrade your throw pillows with a favorite quote, a monogram or any kind of simple design. With some simple tracing skills and a dab of fabric paint, you’ll have a snazzy new snuggle tool in no time.

What You’ll Need:

Throw pillow cover: $4.99
Chalk fabric pencil: $5.99
Fabric paint: $3.37

What It’ll Cost:


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