Household and Personal Care Items You Can Find Cheaper on Amazon

Hadrian / Shutterstock.com

Hadrian / Shutterstock.com

It’s hard to remember a time way back in 1995 when Amazon.com only sold books. Since then, one of the world’s biggest online retailers has expanded its distribution to include almost any item you can imagine, from personal care to gym equipment and electronics, as well as household items for every room in your house.

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While not everything that Amazon sells is the best price around, it sweetens the deal by offering one- and two-day shipping to Prime members on thousands of items, and in select cities, even same-day delivery. It also offers daily deals with discounts on different items every day and lightning deals that often last only a few hours. Returns are simple: You can return many items with just a QR code, unpackaged, at UPS stores or in-store at Kohl’s department stores, for a full refund. Here are 1o items for home and personal care use that you’ll find for cheaper at Amazon than competing retailers.

Last updated: May 28, 2021

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Skin Care

Name-brand skin care doesn’t come cheap, but you can find it at pocket-friendlier prices at Amazon, according to the Penny Pincher blog. For example, Clinique Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer is $46.40 at Amazon and $59 at beauty store Ulta.

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Pet Food

Pet food adds up in cost, especially if you have to buy specially formulated food for pets with sensitive tummies or other conditions. A 33-pound bag of Hill’s Science Diet Dog food at Amazon is $54.99, compared to $60.99 for a slightly smaller, 30-pound bag of the same food at Chewy.com.

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Amazon is pretty hard to beat when it comes to toys. Not only can many toys be found for less, but Amazon also offers free one-day shipping to Prime members on many items. A Lego space shuttle kit from Amazon is just $31.99 plus free one-day shipping, but through Walmart.com, the same item is shipped through a third party for $48.89 and could take as much as a month to arrive.

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Make Your Money Work for You
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Space Heaters

In chilly winter months, people whose homes or apartments aren’t well insulated often turn to small indoor heaters to keep warm. The Amazon bestseller, a 1500W/750W portable ceramic electric space heater, is only $41.99 and eligible for Prime one-day free shipping. The same heater at Walmart.com is $53.79 and will take more than two weeks to arrive.

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It’s best to keep a bunch of batteries on hand since more and more of our devices are battery-powered, and you never know how long they’ll last. Amazon has the best deal on a multipack of 24 AA and 24 AAA batteries, a total of 48 batteries for $26.94. To get even close to that at Target, you’d pay $15.99 for 20 AA and $15.99 for 20 AAA for a total of $31.98 for eight fewer batteries.

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Kitchen Items

Every cook has a different approach to the items they need in their kitchen, and Amazon accommodates with a wide variety of inexpensive items ready to be shipped quickly. For instance, an 18-piece set of Utopia glass food containers with lids is only $26.99 at Amazon, whereas a similar set is $42.75 and sold via third party through Walmart.com. A set of 12 Rachael Ray nonstick cookware pans is $136.78 at Amazon and $169.99 at Target.com.

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Women’s Casual Wear

As the pandemic has forced more people to work at home, comfy pants may be the go-to outfit for many working women. At Amazon, Hanes women’s Eco-Smart sweatpants are only $10.76. At Target, a comparable pair is $20. Also at Amazon, Healthyoga workout pants with pockets for women are just $19.95. A comparable pair without pockets at Target is $28.

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Instant Pot

The ever-popular, ubiquitous Instant Pot is a steal at Amazon compared to anywhere else. For a 6-quart pot, it’s $79 at Amazon with Prime shipping and free returns. The same pot at Walmart.com is $99 and $99 at Target.com.

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Dental Hygiene

Manual dental floss is an environmental hazard and may not even be the most effective way to keep your gums healthy. At Amazon, the Waterpik cordless water flosser is just $36.99. Even deep discount retailer Costco.com can’t improve on that — the same item is more than three times as expensive, at $114.99

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When it comes to bedding essentials, Amazon offers affordable sheet sets and blankets for every bed. A set of queen microfiber sheets from Amazon Basics is just $19.99. A comparable set at Target.com is $29.99. A plush fleece queen-sized throw from Amazon is $24.49, while a comparable blanket in the same size is $28 at Target and $35.99 at Walmart.com.

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