Budgeting Tips for Couples Who Want to Save Money

When your “single” status changes, so do your finances.
  • pinkmommy

    I want to be fair with my boyfriend and it be fair for me as well… He lives with me (in my mortgaged house – i’m the only person on the Deed) and basically brought himself, his clothes and toys. The household bills are $1700 per month excluding my personal bills and FOOD expense. Although my kids stay with me 50% of the time, I suggested splitting household and food 50/50. He doesn’t want to do that because “he isn’t ready for a mortgage payment” and “he wasn’t prepared to pay that much” when he makes about 10k more per year than I do. Currently he pays $700 a month (and has paid late two months in a row which makes asking for it even more awkward) and has only contributed to groceries a handful of times in the past year. Am I not being fair with the anticipation for him to pay 1/2 of $1700 household bills and 1/2 groceries every month?

    • Melissa Parker

      Your asking him to pay 50/50 doesn’t seem fair – I am wondering if you have your children 50 percent of the time if you also receive child support- if so, it seems logical that you should come up with a fair arrangement on the cost of food, electric, etc… no doubt your children contribute to expenses and its not his obligation whatsoever to have him pay any part in their expenses. He is not your husband or fiancé but rather your boyfriend. Why not come up with a fair number based on that fact? On the other hand, it sounds like he is a little too comfortable with his “pay at will mentality” as well as not covering hardly any of the grocery expenses. It sounds like a perfect recipe for resentment and breakup- so why not take a quiet evening to discuss how you feel and tell him that you need a regular contribution from him. He may not be ready for a mortgage payment but OMG- let him go out and pay rent, food, etc. on his own and see if he can get away with not paying the landlord for a 2 months and see what happens. If he cares about you, he will at least pay his own way- not letting you be the only responsible one- and “no whining on his part’ or being late helping out! You are providing him with food and shelter and seems like he’s taking full advantage. Sounds like he needs to man up or Get Out!

  • Be fair using Evenfy! A nice app for that!