Life-Changing Money Lessons You Learn in Your 30s

Follow these financial tips and set yourself up for the future.
  • Reese

    Love the last thing: Budget for the dream vacations, and actually take them before you become too old to enjoy them. Life is too short and it only goes by FASTER when you’re in your 30s.

    • Sef

      I just turned 30 and on my first vacation in Nairobi. It’s good and helps put things in perspective

      • Reese

        Nice to hear! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Stephanie Barbaran

    Re point #4: When my husband and I discussed the last pay raise one of us got, we decided to keep living as if we were still making the old income (as much as possible) so that we could save more. It’s been tough–especially in light of his recent job loss–but we’re sticking to it as much as we can so that we can save for all of those other things on this list.

  • Elyssa Kirkham

    Knowing how to prioritize, which is touched on in a lot of these. For instance, I want to save for my daughter’s education but my husband and I decided that didn’t make sense while we are still paying a tuition for daycare. Once she’s in public school we plan to roll over what we paid for tuition into savings and catch up instead of squeezing our budget too much right now.

  • Misha

    These are helpful lessons to learn before getting into my 30s!

  • Sydney

    Wow. I’m about 5 years away from my 30s, and it’s crazy to imagine I’ll have to think about paying for my future kids’ college tuition, setting up a will, etc.