The Average Cost of a Wedding: How Much Should You Spend?

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Planning a wedding can be a joyful experience, but where should you begin?

You can hire a professional to manage every detail of your nuptials, or you can opt to go it alone. Either way, your first thought might be, “How much will it all cost?”

Whether you want to take the DIY approach or get some professional help, continue reading for tips on keeping your wedding budget on track for one of the most memorable days of your life.

Average Wedding Costs

According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding was $34,000 in 2021. The Knot reported that the states with the lowest 2021 average wedding cost were Idaho and Oklahoma at $16,000. New Jersey came in the highest at $47,000.

If you and your beloved are among the wedding hopefuls this year or next year, the following are some important things to consider as you plan your big day:

Make Your Money Work for You

What Contributes To the Cost?

To ensure that you get exactly what you want within your wedding budget, we took a look at wedding services and their costs based on the national average. Planning carefully can decrease your chances of having unwanted surprises along the way.

1. Wedding Planner

2. Flowers

3. Wedding Cake

4. Officiant

Make Your Money Work for You

5. Photographer

6. Videographer

7. Catering

8. Wedding Venue

9. Reception DJ

10. Live Band

11. Ceremony Music

12. Bridal Gown

13. Groom’s Tuxedo

Make Your Money Work for You

14. Transportation

15. Hair and Makeup

Wedding Planning Tips

If you want to save some money by planning your own wedding, here are three tips to help keep your costs down:

  1. Stick to your budget. Your budget is the foundation of any decisions you make about your wedding. Make sure that your personal finances are in order before diving into wedding planning.
  2. Get and stay organized. Keep all of your wedding business intact and in the same place. Use apps and online tools to organize all of your plans and documents.
  3. Consult your partner. You’re not in this alone. Your partner’s opinion matters. Make the decisions together to avoid any conflicts on your wedding day.

Good To Know

Don’t forget to build in a cushion for emergencies, miscellaneous expenses and unplanned expenses such as child care services, event liability insurance and postage for sending save-the-date announcements and wedding invitations.

If the average wedding cost is out of your budget range, consider cutting some corners to start your happily ever after off right. Sticking to your wedding budget could mean doing something as simple as trimming the guest list or having a weekday ceremony instead of one on the weekend. The choice is yours.

Sam DiSalvo and Elizabeth Constantineau contributed to the reporting for this article.

Information is accurate as of May 26, 2022.