Joint Savings Accounts or Separate For Couples?

Many couples have both a  joint savings account and separate accounts. By maintaining both accounts you can get the best of both worlds.

A joint account for couples is a great way for two people to save up their finances for a common goal. Whether it is retirement, a vacation or for your first home, each person can make contributions to the account and build their total net worth together, as a team. The act of having a joint savings account is a great equalizer in the marriage.

But say you and your significant other have very different ideas about saving and spending. By keeping separate savings account you two can avoid many arguments. If you each make a $25 dollar contribution to your personal savings account on a paycheck basis, you will each have your own money to do as you please. With that separate amount of splurge money, the joint account can still be used for more important things in the household.

Regardless of what banking arrangements you and your significant other make, it is important to communicate openly and honestly. By speaking your mind and from the heart, and having a mutual respect for the way each of you handle your finances,  almost any financial hurdle can be conquered.

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Joint Savings Accounts or Separate For Couples?
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