Verge of Retirement? These Establishments Offer Senior Discounts for Those 50 and Older

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One of the perks of hitting the half-century mark is that you suddenly enter the world of senior discounts — without really being a senior. Even better, people who turn 50 are typically in their peak earning years, which means discounts arrive just as you are raking in the most income.

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Although most Americans who turn 50 are still many years away from retirement — the average retirement age in the U.S. is 64 — it’s not too early to start preparing for your life beyond the workforce. This includes putting more money into your 401(k) or other retirement accounts. Finding discounts for people 50 and older is one way to free up more money for your retirement fund.

One thing you might consider is joining AARP — something you can do when you turn 50. You’ll have to pay an annual fee, but membership brings numerous perks, including discounts at select establishments. Just keep in mind that some of those discounts don’t kick in until you are older.

If you are around the half-century mark and want to scout out discounts, here’s a look at some of the establishments that offer discounts to those 50 and older, based on websites such as The Senior List, The Discounts Guy and Caring Senior Service.

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Note that offers change frequently and may be withdrawn without notice. Call before you go to verify your discount.

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