How the Rich Go on Spring Break

  • Hi Kathryn,

    We do in fact, in other articles, detail how highly successful influencers have made their fortunes, what level of education they received, as well as business, entrepreneurial and investment ventures that have secured or grown their earnings / portfolios.

    As this article is titled “How the Rich Go on Spring Break,” this is the material we dive into here. There is a plethora of accompanying content on different individuals that detail tips and advice to grow wealth, or cut back on expenses and just about everything in between. We believe market education is of the utmost importance, and that is why we provide such content.

    We welcome your opinions and feedback, but please be aware that every person (writer and editor alike) is entitled to their own opinion as well — and the creative freedom to write and express their thoughts as they so wish. GOBankingRates cares about the integrity of our content. We would not publish articles written by anyone who might have a prejudice towards the subject matter, as such might unfairly influence the reporting.

    I think the writer here is appealing to the larger audience, as majority of people in today’s world cannot afford to live on yachts. Not because they wouldn’t choose to do so if given the opportunity, but because perhaps they are facing certain adversities which eliminate yachts as a sustainable option for them.

    I hope this helps clarify a few of your concerns about our content. On behalf of GOBankingRates, I wish you a pleasant afternoon!