Give Thanks: Best Charities To Donate To for Any Interest You Have



No matter what you’re passionate about — from saving endangered animals to funding cancer research — there’s likely a nonprofit organization that fits your interest that could surely benefit from your charitable donation.

If you’re not sure where to donate to, consider one of these charities that will put your funds to good use.

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For Hurricane Relief: Americares

Americares is a charitable organization dedicated to saving lives and improving the health of people affected by natural disasters, including hurricanes and other crises. The charity is currently working to provide aid to those affected by Hurricanes Michael, Florence, Maria, Harvey and Irma. Every $1 you donate to Americares is multiplied to $20 worth of medicine and aid, which goes to local health providers in the communities that need it most.


To Fight Global Health Crises: The Task Force for Global Health

The Task Force for Global Health is dedicated to controlling and eliminating debilitating diseases, such as polio and Zika, that affect people around the world. The charity also aims to implement strong public health systems in the U.S. and beyond. Your charitable contributions to the Task Force for Global Health will be put to good use — only 12 percent of their total budget is used for administrative use, and 88 percent goes directly toward their programs and work.

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For Hunger Relief in the US: Feeding America

Hunger affects one in eight people right here in the U.S., and Feeding America is trying to change that by giving people in need access to food. Every $1 you donate to Feeding America provides at least 10 meals to needy families through their network of local food banks.


For Pediatric Treatment and Research: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital aims to develop cures and advance prevention for life-threatening pediatric diseases, including childhood cancer. The majority of St. Jude’s funding comes from individual contributions, whose donations enable the hospital to treat patients with no cost to the families. Your donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital can help end childhood cancer.

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To Fight Homelessness: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity provides families in need with a place to call home. The families work alongside volunteers to build their own homes, and are given an affordable mortgage that makes their homeownership dreams possible. Your donation to Habitat for Humanity can help put a roof over the head of someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a home.

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For Fitness Enthusiasts: YMCA

One of the main focuses of the YMCA is to allow people across the U.S. to live healthy lives, by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, reduce risk for disease and help people get their health back on track. The Y makes these programs affordable, and provides financial assistance for those who can’t afford membership. Your donation to the YMCA helps to make health accessible.

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To Keep At-Risk Youth Safe: Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America provide safe spaces for kids and teens to learn and grow. Kids who participate are more likely to graduate from high school, be physically active and volunteer in their communities. Your donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America is an investment in a child’s future.


To Fight Cancer: American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society aims to eradicate cancer. In the meantime, the organization is working to fund and conduct research, be a source of expert information, support patients and teach about prevention measures. Your donation to the American Cancer Society will be used to fund research, education and care.

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To Fight Heart Disease: American Heart Association

The American Heart Association supports a network of millions of volunteers that are working to fight heart disease and stroke, the top two causes of death around the world. The AHA aims to reduce deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20 percent by 2020. A donation to the American Heart Association helps to fund research, advocacy and patient support.


For Nature Lovers: Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy works to preserve the natural world and create a more sustainable future. The charity’s main priorities are tackling climate change, protecting land and water, providing food and water sustainability, and building healthy cities. Donations to the Nature Conservancy are used to advance conservation science, foster collaboration with communities, governments, businesses and other local charities, conserve ecological systems around the world, shape policies, and defend natural resources.


For Art Lovers: CITYarts

CITYarts connects young people around the world with professional artists to create public art, including murals and mosaics. The organization believes that by giving children the power to create, it empowers them to realize their potential and transform their communities. Your donation to CITYarts will help support local art projects that are in need of funding.

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To Help Children Around the World: UNICEF

UNICEF operates in 190 countries and territories, and works to save children’s lives and defend their rights. Their work includes expanding and creating services that protect children, reducing child mortality, supporting quality education, helping children in emergency situations, empowering girls and young women, and delivering life-saving supplies to those in need. Donations to UNICEF are used to provide nutrition, water and medical supplies to children who need it, and 89 percent of every dollar donated goes directly toward assisting children. 


For Animal Lovers: World Wildlife Fund

Your donation to the World Wildlife Fund will help to protect threatened species and their habitats. The charity donates 84 percent of all funds to its conservation efforts around the world. Right now, one of the WWF’s main initiatives is to double the tiger population in the wild by 2022, and they are actively working to stop poachers.


To Help Our Veterans: Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project benefits veterans and service members who suffered a physical or mental injury, illness or wound while serving in the military through a number of programs and services that include mental wellness programs, physical wellness programs and career counseling. Donations to the Wounded Warrior Project are used to help support injured veterans and service members, and their family members and caregivers.

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