The Best Places To Get Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Moms

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Starting a family can be overwhelming. There is so much to organize and plan. Babies cost money, plain and simple, but if you are expecting there are some deals of which you should be sure to take advantage. 

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Whether it is your first child or second, many companies offer freebies for expectant mothers. There is a myriad of things you will need for your new bundle of joy so why not alleviate some of the financial burdens by getting at least a few of them for free? Saving money on children is always a relief so being aware of what companies are lending a helping hand cannot hurt.

Free Registry Gift Boxes for Expecting Mothers

Make Your Money Work for You

Free Diapers for Expecting Mothers

Make Your Money Work for You

Free Feeding Items for Expecting Mothers 

Other Freebies for Expecting Mothers

Make Your Money Work for You


It is comforting to know that with a little research you can find many companies willing to send you free baby stuff to help you on your parenting journey. Though some freebies come with requirements such as subscriptions, registrations or spending amounts, if you are going to have to buy these items anyway, you might as well save some money while you are at it. 


  • How can I get a lot of baby stuff for free?
    • Many companies have options for free items or discounted items for expecting mothers. Some of these are contingent on if you start a registry through the company or write a review for the company but below are several companies that provide free items to expectant mothers:
      • Enfamil
      • Similac
      • Target Baby Registry
      • Amazon Baby Registry
      • Walmart Baby Registry
      • Kindle
      • Dolly Parton
      • Udder Cover
      • Breastpads.com
      • Kindermusik
      • Nursing pillow.com
      • Noobie box
      • Dyper
      • Buybuy baby
      • Nature's One
      • Gerber
      • Honest Company
      • National Diaper Bank Network
      • Pampers Rewards
      • Huggies Rewards
      • Ikea
      • Babylist
      • Pinchme Box
  • How can I get a free welcome baby box?
    • Many companies will send you a free welcome baby box when you register for your baby shower with them. For example, Amazon, Babylist, buybuy Baby, Target and Walmart all offer this feature when you register through them. Bump Boxes also has a free gift box when you subscribe and refer a friend.
  • How can I get free Pampers?
    • If you download the Pampers Club app you can start turning your diaper purchases into rewards. Each purchase has a scan code and when you scan it you earn Pampers Cash. This cash can be put toward future diaper purchases and other eligible items. If you are going to be purchasing diapers anyway, you might as well save some money and eventually get some freebies.
  • Does Gerber send free samples?
    •  When you sign up for the MyGerber Baby Membership you will be eligible for several benefits including access to experts, savings on products and even some free surprise gifts. If you spend $150 or more at Gerber.com you will receive a free Calm Premium subscription for one year. The free special gifts often contain samples but the items will vary.

Make Your Money Work for You

Information is accurate as of Nov. 23, 2022.