MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review: Compare 4 Affordable Plans

MetroPCS phones come with a choice of four different plans.

MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile and supplies 71.5 million customers overall with its national 4G LTE network service. OpenSignal conducted a study in 2017 that revealed T-Mobile beat out its competitors to win the fastest operator, so if you’re on a budget, consider a MetroPCS cell phone plan.

GOBankingRates compiled a list of MetroPCS’s four different plans so you can select the one that best fits your budget and data needs. Consider switching to a MetroPCS plan if you think you’re getting ripped off by your mobile provider.

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review

Whether you have a MetroPCS iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or another type of smartphone, you’ll benefit from the wide availability and quick speeds that each of the prepaid MetroPCS plans provides. The following chart provides a quick look at the different MetroPCS plans:

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review: Costs and Benefits
MetroPCS Cell Phone Plan Price Network
2G 4G LTE Data $30 per month, taxes and fees included Nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
5GB 4G LTE Data $40 per month, taxes and fees included Nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
Unlimited 4G LTE Data $50 per month, taxes and fees included Nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
Unlimited 4G LTE Data + Hotspot on your handset $60 per month, taxes and fees included Nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
Make Your Money Work for You


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MetroPCS 2G 4G LTE Data Plan

MetroPCS’s no-contract cell phone plans include the 2G 4G LTE Data plan. Coming in at just $30 per month including taxes and fees, this is the company’s most affordable plan.

You’ll get two hours of video streaming, 100 hours of music streaming and 100 hours of social media usage each month. You’ll also have access to your MetroPCS online account, from which you can make payments, download apps and upgrade services.


  • Can add up to four other Metro phones at $30 per line
  • Includes Scam ID to quickly identify calls coming from known scammers
  • Features Wi-Fi calling, caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling

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MetroPCS 5GB 4G LTE Data Plan

MetroPCS free phones come with the option of signing up for the 5GB 4G LTE Data plan, which costs $40 per month including all taxes and regulatory fees. The plan comes with up to eight hours of video streaming, unlimited music streaming for listening to your favorite beats and 300 hours to spend on social media. With a cable device, you can also take advantage of the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, which is included in the plan.

Make Your Money Work for You


  • Can add two lines for $70 or four lines for $30 each per month
  • Voicemail and visual voicemail at no extra cost
  • Premium directory assistance

MetroPCS Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan

If you and your family plan to use your MetroPCS new phones often, the Unlimited 4G LTE Data plan is a solid option. For $50 a month total you’ll have unlimited hours of video and music streaming, plus unlimited access to your social media accounts on your handset. This plan allows you to add another MetroPCS phone number and pay just $80 for the two lines — $50 for the first and $30 for the second. If you need a family plan, you’ll get a discount of $20 per line for up to four lines.


  • No annual contract
  • Data Maximizer that stretches your high-speed data
  • Caller ID with Scam ID

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Make Your Money Work for You

MetroPCS Unlimited 4G LTE Data + Hotspot on Your Handset Plan

MetroPCS’s best and most comprehensive plan will cost you $60 per month including taxes and regulatory fees. You’ll have unlimited video streaming from your device for binge-watching your favorite shows, unlimited hours of music streaming for your listening pleasure and unlimited hours of social media for keeping in touch with friends and family.


  • 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot that acts as a high-speed web router
  • Family plan option that enables you to save $30 per line for up to four additional lines
  • Music Unlimited that allows you to stream music without using your 4G LTE data

Choosing the Right Plan

If you’re unsure about which cell phone plan to get, use the estimated usage calculator on MetroPCS’s website to pick the right one for your needs. Just input how many downloads you typically purchase in a day, how many photos and videos you post per day, how many minutes you spend on gaming each day and how many emails you send and receive on a daily basis. The calculator will tell you which of the plans best fits your activity levels.

To take advantage of these flexible cell phone plans, visit your nearest MetroPCS store. The employees will advise you on the best MetroPCS phone deals and set your selected phone up with the plan you choose. You can also contact MetroPCS customer service to get started. The MetroPCS customer service phone number is 888-863-8768.

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