Boost Your Happiness by Spending Your Money in These 3 Ways

It's not the amount you spend, it's how you spend it.

Money doesn’t buy happiness — but how you spend your money can help boost your mood and keep it elevated. Keep reading to learn about the correlation between your spending habits and the satisfaction you’ll earn.

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Opt for Experiences Instead of Things

Possessions tend to lose their worth more quickly than the sustained memory of an experience, according to researchers at Harvard University. Instead of opting for a flashy new watch or a snazzy suit, choose a beach getaway, a night out or even a bucket-list safari vacation to help sustain your smile.

Learn the Gift of Giving

Although it might seem backward, people are found to be much happier when they spend money on others as opposed to spending it on themselves. And to indulge in the benefits of giving, the dollar amount doesn’t matter — researchers found that even gifts as small as $5 show sustained improvement in the gift-giver’s mood throughout the day.

Donate to Charity

Who says you need to just give gifts to friends and people you know? By donating to charity, you’ll be giving a gift to someone who desperately needs it — and will likely appreciate it for a long time.

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