Where You Can Clip Coupons as Inflation Drives Food Prices Higher Than Ever

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With prices rising on the cost of everything from cereal to toilet paper, it’s never been more important to find ways to save a buck. If you’re wondering what the best ways to find coupons are, there are some great options both online and in print.

As previously reported by GOBankingRates, one of the best practices includes relying on manufacturer and retail store sites and apps for up-to-the-minute deals. Proctor & Gamble — the makers of Tide, Gain and Oral B products — has a comprehensive reward program where you can score points for every purchase. Each point adds up, bringing you to a different tier of rebates. In addition, the Target Circle app is another great option for digital coupons that you can look up while you’re shopping and then present at the register.

Of course, if you prefer physically clipping coupons, there are still great options. Sunday newspapers usually have a large section full of weekly ads to pull from, and store circulars also still exist, which can be found right when you walk in the door. These in-house deals are usually very competitive at the local level as stores vie for business.

Fox News affiliate Fox 26 out of Houston recently spoke with a couponing pro to get even more great tips. Krys The Maximizer has very popular YouTube and Instagram accounts where she teaches regular shoppers the tricks of the trade. Doing so can save several hundred dollars every month, she says, pulling from 14 years of experience.

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She says making lists is a primary step and suggests making two of them — a needs list of what you run out of each week and a list of items you never want to run out of and usually stockpile. Having this focus lets you find the most applicable bargains rather than finding a coupon and then buying an item just because of the deal. 

To find the coupons, she recommends Coupons.com as a great resource for finding a wide variety of deals that you can easily search, find and print out. Coupon Database is another great option – simply Google the words and a number of websites will show up where you can again search for the specific items you need and find deals by region/preferred brand/preferred store/etc. 

For additional ideas, GOBankingRates also recently profiled the best companies for deals — among them are Valpak, Groupon, CouponCabin, Rakuten, Slickdeals and Snip Snap.

Although being a dedicated couponer might take one to two hours a week of planning time, doing so can have a big payoff. As Kris the Maximizer told Fox 26, she’s helped clients save $300-500 a week.

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