Gen Z Doesn’t Want To Pay for ChatGPT — Here’s Why

With the use of AI like ChatGPT on the rise, many people are developing opinions on its place in society. In a survey conducted by Bloomberg, 93% of participants stated that they would not be willing to pay more than $10 a month for an AI service. Out of those surveyed, Gen Z is most adamantly against paying for a service like ChatGPT.

Here’s how Gen Z feels about the implementation of ChatGPT — and why they won’t pay for it.

Not Worth It

Over 50% of Gen Z individuals surveyed by Bloomberg stated that they would only ever use a free service. If AI tools like ChatGPT switched over to a subscription fee, it would drive many users away. However, in order to continue the trajectory of AI’s growth and usage in society, it is essential that users are not turned away by fees.

“An ad-supported model may remain the main form of monetization for online search and other new tools that leverage deep learning and generative AI capabilities,” the Bloomberg study stated.

Better Things To Spend Money On

Streaming services, concerts, electronics: there are many other things Gen Z would rather spend their money on. Gen Z is also saving up for bigger purchases, like cars and houses.

And, most of all, they are a practical generation. If Google is offered to them for free, why would they take money out of their hard-earned paycheck and spend it on something like ChatGPT? Gen Z’s biggest gripe is not having instant, easy access to a service — monetization would drive Gen Z users away from AI tools.

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Google Is Preferred

Currently, most people — including Gen Z –prefer using Google over an AI service. But ChatGPT could be changing all of that. Fifty-four percent of those surveyed stated that they felt the quality of results from ChatGPT surpasses Google.

“That could be partially due to the conversational and in-page paragraph summary for ChatGPT, which doesn’t require a user to click on links,” Bloomberg said in its survey results.

Final Note

Bloomberg’s study predicts that ChatGPT will bring about serious changes to the way individuals obtain information, but with that, many questions arise regarding whether or not AI services could move into a paid subscription model.

Overwhelmingly, most people surveyed stated that they would not pay for an AI tool, with only 7% stating they would pay over $10 a month for an AI subscription. Out of those surveyed, Gen Z is most opposed to paying for AI, primarily because they feel that they have better things to spend their money on. Gen Z does not see the point in paying for an AI service.

Only time will tell whether or not generative AI tools are here to stay. The younger generations will be a key factor in the success of AI services. If these generations are forced to pay for something that they do not believe is worth their money, it could have negative consequences. As it is now, Gen Z is not willing to pay for AI tools.

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