10 Craziest Things for Sale in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

BCFC / Shutterstock.com

BCFC / Shutterstock.com

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book never disappoints when it comes to gifts that are both luxurious and ludicrous. The guide is filled with everything from earrings worth more than your car to doll houses going for the same price as a month’s rent.

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Nevertheless, it’s a blast to browse, and GOBankingRates picked out the 10 craziest (and crazy expensive) items featured

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Le Toy Van Palace Doll House

  • Price: $600

Give your children the gift of high expectations for their first home with this structure that reaches more than three feet tall. The palace has five floors, with unique wallpaper in each room. For the eco-conscious child, rest assured that this house was made from sustainable wood. 

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Jay Stronghouse Soaring Eagle Figurine

  • Price: $10,000

If you are proud to be an American, prove it with this pewter symbol of freedom. The bird has a 14K matte gold and light brown antique finish, and is hand-enameled and handset with Swarovski crystals. If you want this, you’ll need to act fast: as of right now, there is only one of these eagles still soaring for purchase.

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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance Speaker

  • Price: $2,749

Wireless speakers are a great item to have in your home, and now Bang & Olufsen has made a designer option. Stream music through Chromecast or Airplay, and use the B&O App to control the listening experience. The price tag might throw you off, but rest assured that reviews say it’s “great sound for the size.” If that doesn’t scream “worth it,” what will? 

©Neiman Marcus

“The Impossible Collection of Wine” Book

  • Price: $995

This is the coffee table book that costs more than most coffee tables. “The Impossible Collection of Wine” by Enrico Bernardo is a hard-bound, limited edition book in a wood crate that explores the history of winemaking. The book is written by a much-trusted source, as Bernardo has been called the world’s best sommelier. 

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Match Cocktail Shaker

  • Price: $468

A cocktail shaker is always handy for a party, but what about a pewter shaker made in northern Italy that makes a statement every time you shake it? It’s almost too nice to throw ice and vodka around inside of it, but it’s the perfect addition to a party where you need to mention how often you’ve been to Venice.

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VINOOS Wine Gummie Trio Gift Set

  • Price: $34

If the people at your party aren’t impressed by your $470 cocktail shaker, you can throw some of these their way. These are perfect for when you want the taste of wine for a few seconds, but don’t want the liquid anywhere near your lips. VINOOS Wine Gummies have no alcohol, but all of the class. The set comes with three boxes: Red Merlot, White Chardonnay and Rosé Wine.

©Neiman Marcus

Boucheron Diamond Hummingbird Earrings

  • Price: $44,200

These earrings top the list as the most expensive items in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book this year, costing more than the average yearly salary in Mississippi [1]. These Switzerland-made 18k white gold earrings contain 350 round diamonds, 60 round pink sapphires and 4 round sapphires. They are sleeper earrings, so you can safely keep these valuable pieces of art with you at all times.

©Neiman Marcus

Sydney Evan Double Happy Face Bracelet

  • Price: $275

If you need a reminder to keep your chin up, make an investment in this trinket. This bracelet has the looks of something you wore in your youth, but has the luxury of something you’d yearn for as an adult. The accessory contains 14-karat yellow gold beads and charm, which has a happy face on each side.

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Akola Luxe DIY Bead Kit

  • Price: $98

At first glance, it might seem like a lot of money for a bead kit, but Akola is working for a good cause. With every purchase, Akola reinvests 100% of profits to empower women and families in poverty. So, treat the bead lover in your life to over 100 beads and 8 charms, including a naturally-hued freshwater cultured pearl charm.

©Neiman Marcus

Greenomic Good Hair Day Pasta

  • Price: $12

If you absolutely need something from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, here is your cheapest, and possibly silliest, option. Greenomic offers a variety of Good Hair Day pastas to choose from and they’re made according to the traditional bronze process “al bronzo.” However, the box is stylized so that the pasta serves as the hair for a face on the front. Perhaps evoking the thought of hair in pasta isn’t appetizing to you, but it made the Christmas Book, so it’s got to be in vogue somewhere.

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