11 Ways You Could be Saving Extra Money at Target

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American shoppers just can’t get enough of Target. While Target offers a number of great deals that attract its loyal customer base, there are more than a few ways that consumers can make their dollar stretch at the bullseye retailer.

GOBankingRates consulted shopping experts to learn what tricks Target shoppers can use to save even more on their next trip to the store. Here’s what we found.

1. Get a RedCard

“This is Target’s store card and it’s the absolute easiest way to save money with the retailer,” said Julie Ramhold, senior staff writer at DealNews. “You can opt for credit or debit, and both have all the same benefits: 5% off every day in-store, on Target.com and in the app, free two-day shipping on thousands of items, exclusive offers and an additional 30 days for returns and exchanges.

“The 5% off is an obvious saving method, but the free two-day shipping can save you money on delivery, and exclusive offers can also result in savings you wouldn’t otherwise receive,” Ramhold continued. “And the extra month for returns and exchanges can also result in savings as you can return your items during a longer period of time and therefore receive a refund if you need it.”

Make Your Money Work for You

2. Join Target Circle

“This is Target’s free loyalty program and it’s absolutely worth signing up for. You’ll find special offers as part of the program every week, but you’ll also receive deals tailored specifically to you and your shopping habits,” Ramhold said.

“Even better, those offers don’t have to be tied to purchases you’ve actually made; sometimes you’ll see an offer pop up after you’ve done a search on Target’s website or in the app for a particular product. This happened to me recently when I was searching for syrups for my morning coffee, for example. I was browsing the selection in the app last week and then this week I have an offer for 15% off that brand. So it’s worth checking Target for items you’re interested in just for the chance to have an offer arise soon after.”

3. Text for — and Stack — Coupons 

“Target sometimes offers additional savings throughout the year to mobile users who text a special number to receive a one-time use coupon,” said money-saving expert Andrea Woroch, who also suggests stacking coupons at checkout. 

“In addition to finding coupons through Circle or texting for deals, you can use manufacturer coupons on the various national brands sold at Target,” Woroch said. “You can even find online coupon codes through sites like CouponFollow.com to apply at checkout when shopping online.”

Make Your Money Work for You

4. Shop Target’s End-of-Season Clearance Section

“The end-of-season clearance section at Target holds noteworthy deals on items you can still use now,” said Lisa Davis, shopping expert at Offers.com. “Discounts include as much as 70% off throughout the store. Target needs to make room for the upcoming season’s merchandise and slashes prices more often than a serial killer in an ’80s B-rated horror movie. Even if you can’t use an item from Target’s clearance section today, save on something you know you know you’ll use tomorrow and beyond.”

5. Ask for a Price Match

“Always compare prices before buying anything at Target and if you find the item for less at a competitor store or on Target.com, bring the deal to customer service and they will adjust the price for you,” Woroch said. “Since they only match prices from certain competitor sites and stores like Amazon and Best Buy, get to know which retailers they match and check those store prices before buying anything from Target.”

Davis adds that when you purchase an item from Target and it’s offered for a lower price within 14 days, “you can ask for a price adjustment; so always pay attention to Target’s weekly sales and promos.”

Make Your Money Work for You

6. Shop the Endcaps

“Many of the items may be special products that are highlighted because of seasonality, but some will be special deals,” Ramhold said. “And if you can find the clearance endcaps, you’ll save even more. These might be on aisles that aren’t facing the front of the store — for example, the ones in my local store are usually side aisles that face the dairy section for foods. But if you know where to look, you can stock up on pantry essentials for much less because they’re usually significantly marked down to end up on these shelves.”

7. Check Out Its Brand Collaborations  

“If you’re into designer home goods or fashion, Target’s designer collaborations can help you get that high-end look for a fraction of the cost,” Woroch said.

“For example, Threshold designed with Studio McGee for Target offers beautiful pieces for more affordable prices than what you’d find at McGee and Co. Take a look at this comparison — this Robby Lounge Chair is priced for $1,050 through the designer’s regular website. You can get a lookalike chair called the Dagget Mixed Material Accent Chair through their collaboration with Target for $300. They also have decorative objects, pillows, blankets and lamps at affordable prices! You can find designer clothing collaborations, too.”

Make Your Money Work for You

8. Try Target’s Own Brands 

“Target’s own brands have come a long way in quality and they have a variety of products, including Up & Up, which has everything from diapers to household cleaning supplies to beauty goods and over-the-counter medicine at much less than similar brand name items,” Woroch said. “Meanwhile, Good & Gather is Target’s grocery brand and you can get everything from organic milk to coffee.”

9. Choose Same-Day Pickup or Drive Up

“Not only does this help you avoid impulse buying temptations that creep up when you’re walking around the store, but sometimes they offer deal incentives to choose this delivery option,” Woroch said.

“[Past offers have included] a free $20 gift card when you spend $100 on diapers and wipes or a free $15 gift card on $50 worth of household essentials [when you] choose same-day pickup or delivery at checkout.”

10. Don’t Ignore the Dollar Spot/Bullseye’s Playground 

“If you’re shopping in-store it’s called the Dollar Spot and online it’s Bullseye’s Playground, but either way, it’s an area you shouldn’t ignore if you want to save money,” Ramhold said. “These are small items that are generally $1 to $3 or maybe $5, depending on what they are. You can find things like festive glasses, small decorative pieces, even simple organization tools and herb planter kits. Recently, shoppers could grab tins with everything they needed to plant things like mint, cilantro or rosemary for $3, for example.

“One of the best uses for this area is definitely shopping around Halloween,” Ramhold added. “If you want to make treat bags that don’t include candy because you’re a teal pumpkin house, then shopping the Dollar Spot is a great way to find seasonal items for cheap. Shopping online, you may end up paying more, but the price per item is still super affordable — think a four-pack of scented candles in glass jars for $12, or $3 each.”

Make Your Money Work for You

11. Shop Strategically To Receive Bonus Gift Cards

“Check the weekly ad at Target before you plan a big shopping trip, as often there are bonus gift card rewards for stocking up on select items,” Ramhold said.

“For instance, you could get a $15 bonus gift card for buying $50 worth of select household cleaning supplies. If you’re planning to get the items anyway, buying the right brands means receiving an extra $15 to spend on a later Target purchase. And it’s not just household items, either — we’ve seen these offers tied to baby items, skincare, makeup and other beauty products as well.”

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Gabrielle Olya contributed to the reporting for this article.