Etiquette Rules You Need To Know if You’re Ordering Gifts Online



To save you from the hassle of buying gifts, wrapping them yourself and then shipping them to loved ones, you may opt to order most of your gifts online this year and have them sent directly to the recipient. While this is certainly a convenient option, it comes with several unique etiquette rules that you may not have considered. Be sure to keep these rules in mind to prevent making an online gifting faux pas.

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Be Sure To Select the Gift Receipt Option

Keep in mind that online orders ship with an enclosed receipt. If you’re sending someone a gift, be sure to indicate that the package is a gift so a gift receipt is included rather than a standard receipt with prices.

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Spring For the Gift Wrap

Some retailers offer a gift wrap option at checkout. This may cost you a few extra bucks, but it’s worth it for the presentation. If this is not an option and you are sending gifts to a child, be sure to let the parent or guardian know that your gift will be arriving unwrapped so they have the opportunity to wrap it before presenting it to the child if they so choose.

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Make Your Money Work for You

Make Gift Cards More Personal With a Note

Sending an e-gift card to someone’s favorite retailer or restaurant is an easy gift, but it can seem impersonal. If there’s a way to attach a note to the purchase, be sure to explain why you thought it would be the perfect gift for them. If this is not an option, consider sending them an email or card separately to give your gift a more personal touch.

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Be Cautious About Sending Perishable Items

If you’re sending something perishable, be mindful that delivery time eats into shelf life. If you order food directly from a retailer or restaurant, they should package it appropriately (i.e., pack it in ice if needed), but you should avoid sending anything that needs to be refrigerated on its own.

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Pay Attention to Shipping Dates

Many Americans will be doing their holiday shopping online this year, which means there might be more shipping delays than usual. Send gifts as early as possible to avoid delays. Some retailers list their deadlines for holiday delivery on their websites, so be sure to keep these deadlines in mind before placing an order.

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