The Best Dates of 2023 To Buy a Mattress

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The right mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep and better health. According to wellness community Thrive Global, a good bed can help cut down on stress, relieve aches and pains — especially in your back — and even improve allergies. 

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But mattresses don’t last forever — you do, after all, spend eight hours or so every night resting in your bed. The Sleep Foundation says your mattress should last at least seven years and usually should be replaced after 10 years

Although a mattress is a big spend that costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a basic model to $10,000 or more for one with bells and whistles, it’s a worthwhile investment. And there are certain times of the year when you can get the best deal if you plan your purchase right.

Whether you buy online or in a physical store, aim for a three-day holiday weekend like President’s Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day, U.S. News & World Report recommended. July 4th is also a popular holiday for mattress sales. “You’ll find discounts being offered by the big brands, like Serta and Sealy, but also from the smaller ‘bed in a box’ companies, like Nest, Nectar and Purple.”

Make Your Money Work for You

GOBankingRates recently published a guide to the 10 best places to buy a mattress. Amazon is one of the top recommendations, thanks to the fast shipping and 100-day trial. Other online outlets like Overstock and specialty retailer Purple also made the list. So did brick-and-mortar locations like Sleep Number and Mattress Firm. 

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Whenever you shop for a mattress, it’s always key to buy one with a warranty and look for interest-free financing and free delivery.

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Make Your Money Work for You

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