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With inflation threatening to dampen Black Friday momentum, retailers are going big on sales, and Best Buy is no exception. 

The electronics mammoth, long revered for its unbeatable Black Friday discounts, has already started rolling out sales for the occasion, and quite a few stand out from the crowd. 

Which are the best deals at Best Buy for Black Friday so far? Here’s a look. 


“If you’re looking for an excellent deal on wearables like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, or various Fitbit models, Best Buy has a fair amount of offers to choose from every Black Friday,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with “Currently, the store is offering the Galaxy Watch4 (the previous generation) for only $170 which is notably more affordable than some of the smartwatches that were just released, including the Galaxy Watch5 lineup. They also have the latest Fitbit Sense 2 for $100 off right now if you’re looking for more of a fitness tracker/smartwatch combo.” 

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“Best Buy is one of the go-tos for TV deals every Black Friday because of its vast selection, which should mean options to fit every budget,” Ramhold said. “The retailer has some early Black Friday deals currently available that are pretty outstanding; for instance, a Samsung 75″ 4K UHD smart Tizen TV for $580 which is a fairly reasonable price for a name-brand set that size. There’s also a LG 70″ 4K UHD smart TV for $550, but Best Buy’s house brands will likely have even lower prices for a variety of sizes.”


“If you’re looking for quality headphones, Black Friday is a great time to do so, and Best Buy is an excellent place to shop,” Ramhold said. “Look for name-brand earbuds like Samsung Galaxy Buds2 to be less than $100 while models such as AirPods Max and various Beats headphones will see savings around $50 off.” 


“This is another big category for Black Friday and it should come as no surprise that Best Buy offers some great deals,” Ramhold said. “We typically expect to see things like Chromebooks for as little as $99, while budget laptops will easily be $300 or less. High-end and gaming laptops will see higher prices, but the savings will also be notable so if you’re looking to splurge while still getting a good deal, Best Buy is a solid place to shop.” 

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Small Kitchen Appliances

“It’s easy to forget that Best Buy sells items other than popular electronics, but it’s a great place to shop for appliances in general,” Ramhold said. “Small kitchen appliances are especially great to shop around Black Friday, and Best Buy will have a variety of budget-friendly as well as high-end machines to shop.”


It’s also easy to forget that Best Buy has sporting goods, including bicycles, and that it’ll be reducing prices in this department too. Consider the SWFT – VOLT eBike w/ 32mi Max Operating Range & 19.8 mph Max Speed in black. This electronic bike normally retails for $900 but is priced at $600 at Best Buy for Black Friday. 

According to‘s shopping expert, Kristin McGrath, there are a number of specific sales at Best Buy that shoppers won’t want to miss. Here they are:  

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