8 Best Deals at Sam’s Club in December

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Shoppers heading to Sam’s Club this December will find more deals beyond food and drinks awaiting them. The warehouse club has deals on everything you need this holiday season, from wrapping materials to cookies. Best of all, everything is at an affordable price and many shoppers will find multipacks of essentials to keep them stocked up well past the holidays and into the winter.

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Here are the best deals members will find shopping at Sam’s Club this December. 

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Cold, dry weather means many people will need to regularly moisturize to avoid chapped body parts. Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, recommends picking up the Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion sold at Sam’s Club. 

“Sam’s Club has this excellent pack on sale for $12.68 through December 24, which includes two 18-fluid ounce bottles and a 2.5-ounce tube to carry with you,” Ramhold said.

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SodaStream Terra Starter Kit

Want to make your own sparkling drinks this holiday season? Pick up the SodaStream Terra starter kit to channel your inner sparkling beverage mixologist! 

Ramhold said this kit is priced at $69.98 through Dec. 24 — $20 off the original price. The kit includes the actual maker, one CO2 cylinder (which makes up to 60 liters of sparkling water) and one dishwasher-safe one-liter bottle. 

While this kit doesn’t come with any flavorings, Ramhold said these are relatively easy to find. Look around and you’ll find there’s a huge variety whether you want to make your own seltzer or sodas.

Bertolli Alfredo Sauce With Aged Parmesan Cheese

Sam’s Club shoppers are not ready for this seriously amazing deal on Bertolli alfredo sauce. A three-pack of 15-ounce jars is now just $5.43 through Dec. 24. 

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In a busy holiday season, this sauce is the perfect shortcut to keep on hand for super quick dinners. “Just heat the sauce and add it to your favorite pasta, along with some garlic bread or other additions you might like,” Ramhold said.

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

Don’t have the time to bake holiday cookies from scratch? Keep these cookie mixes on deck to whip up quick batches for every event like work potlucks and holiday get-togethers with friends.

“The fact that this box comes with five packs means you can do a mega batch all at once or split it up over time,” Ramhold said. “The whole box will make about 110 cookies total for $5.48.”

Remember, the deal on this mix only lasts through Dec. 24. This gives shoppers time to cash in on this deal and plenty of mix to make various cookie cutouts you can decorate and ice however you want.

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Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater With Remote Control

Stay warm throughout the winter months, and fight high heating costs in your area, with the help of this tower heater. Ramhold said this heater is $59.98 through Dec. 24. The tower heater has two heat settings and an eight-hour auto-off timer if you want to use it for long periods of time.

Winter temperatures are hitting many people already, and this tower heater is an excellent way to combat those, especially if heating costs are higher in your area.

Scotch Cushion Wrap

Many holiday shoppers will be mailing gifts throughout this month. Fragile gifts especially need extra packaging materials to ensure they safely arrive to their recipient in one piece. 

Ramhold recommends investing in this Scotch cushion wrap. “A roll is 240 square feet and is only $12.67 through December 24, so if you pick some up now, you should be set for the entire season.”

Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Short on time even with cookie mix? Opt for a tub of ready-made Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough. Ramhold said this tub is 4.75 pounds and will make 76 cookies. Priced at $9.28 through Dec. 24, this cookie dough is 12 cents per ounce. 

Want to enjoy the cookie dough raw? It’s safe to nibble on it, should you decide to do so! “This dough is made with heat-treated flour, which means it’s safe to eat raw in addition to baking it off,” Ramhold said.

Nielsen-Massey Gourmet Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

Those planning on baking up a storm this holiday season will definitely need this vanilla bean paste for the best-tasting treats. 

This 8-ounce jar is priced at $23.98. While it may not seem like a great value, Ramhold said it can make a huge difference in your baked goods now and well after the holidays have ended. “Since it’s a paste, you should be able to get away with using less than you would with an inferior imitation extract, which means this product should last for quite a few projects.”

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