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For families getting ready for Easter and looking to make their money go further, Dollar General has some fabulous deals this week. You’ll also find household staples to make it easier to stock up for spring.

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So, what’s on sale?

1. Easter Supplies ($1)

You can celebrate Easter with 2019-like prices at Dollar General. Find Easter baskets, fake grass for said baskets, and even cute and fluffy stuffed animals — all for $1 each! Dollar General also has Easter egg dye kits for $1, where many retailers are selling them for $4 or more. For that price, you can get a separate kit for each of your kids so no one has to fight over the pink dye.

2. Easter Candy ($1 to $5)

Fill those Easter baskets for less by grabbing name-brand, well-loved candy and other treats for $5 or less. Can anyone say $1 Peeps and $2 Airheads? You’d be hard-pressed to find a sugar rush for less anywhere else.

3. Bounty 8 Singles Plus Rolls of Paper Towels ($11.95)

If you’re a bit of a paper towel snob and rely on Bounty, you’ll find a deal this week at Dollar General. Get 8 rolls of their Singles Plus (equal to 12 rolls of Simples plus) for $11.95. We found these same paper towels listed on Instacart for $12.19 and at Blain’s Farm & Fleet for $16.99, so you’ll definitely save at Dollar General.

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4. Name-Brand Soda (3 for $12)

Getting set for entertaining in the spring? You may want to stock up on name-brand sodas including Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry ginger ale, 7UP and A&W root beer. Get three 12-pack cases for just $12 this week at Dollar General. Don’t forget that some states may collect a refundable deposit on each can, so you’ll pay a bit more. Collect those cans and return them to your local bottle collector or grocery store to get your money back. All that small change can add up.

5. Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers

Huggies diapers are on sale for two for $19, but you can save even more using the Dollar General Digital coupon — get two cases for $16.50. Diapers are often one of those items where you can save money buying a larger box, and these are smaller packages of 14 to 32 diapers (depending on the size). But with the way babies and toddlers grow, sometimes it makes sense to buy a smaller package rather than getting stuck with diapers your child has outgrown. Plus, not everyone’s budget allows for shelling out $100 in diapers during one shopping trip.

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When you’re shopping at discount stores like Dollar General, make sure to compare package sizes and unit prices. Just because it’s “on sale” doesn’t mean it’s the best deal you can find. If you’re purchasing name brand items, you might save more by shifting to store brands at other retailers.

Surf coupon sites, as well, to acquire deals for brands that are on sale to save even more money.

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