Best Things To Buy on Facebook Marketplace

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Second-hand shopping is a budgetary and environmentally-friendly practice, but it can cost you a lot of time. You could still come up short after scouring the aisles of thrift stores for hours, hunting for a specific item.

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Enter Facebook Marketplace: part garage sale, part catalog, full second-hand shopper’s dream. The online marketplace allows Facebook members to sell their new and used items to local buyers. Shoppers can search for specific items, filter by price and distance, and contact the seller directly with questions. There are some really good deals out there if you know what to look for.

Check out the best things to buy on Facebook Marketplace below.


You can find a desk on Facebook Marketplace to add a bit more character to your home office. Shopping second-hand for specific dimensions gets tricky, but if you have a flexible home office space, you don’t have to worry too much about the size or shape of your new-used desk.

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Shelf/Trunk Storage

Shelves and storage can become sizable investments for your home, in terms of both physical dimension and price. These items can be the most difficult to fit in a smaller home. But on Facebook Marketplace, you might be able to find some storage solutions that fit your space and your budget.

Taking a scroll through home decor on Facebook Marketplace may spark some ideas you would not have thought of in your search for traditional shelving. You can find items like vintage lockers, corner shelves, and trunks which could be more versatile in your space. But don’t get carried away – you still need a car large enough to get them home!

Outdoor Furniture

Finally, looking to turn that back patio into a summer barbeque oasis for neighbors and friends? You may want to reconsider once you see the price tags on patio furniture sets.

Investing in outdoor furniture is difficult because it will inevitably wear down from weather conditions and use over time. It is also pretty difficult to keep clean. So, you may want to consider searching for a patio set on Facebook Marketplace. That way it’s less of an investment, and you’ll feel a little less pressure to keep it shipshape.

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Giving that outdoor furniture a second life is also an environmental win. While you may not get as much use out of it as you would a brand new set, you’re still getting several years out of something that would have otherwise gone into a landfill.

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Kids Furniture

While a brand new kids crafting table and chairs from Pottery Barn may be cute, it does not make much of a difference in terms of functionality for a kid. Plus, in the playroom, nothing is safe from the mess. Facebook Marketplace may be a great solution for all your kids furniture.

Because kids furniture is something temporary that they will either get messy or grow out of, it feels much easier to invest in something gently used so you don’t feel too financially attached to it. Consider searching for kids tables and chairs, cribs, and even doll houses. Just be wary of buying any furniture with cushions, and check with the previous owner about any sanitary concerns.

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You could say Facebook Marketplace is like the Secret Garden because there is an abundance of listings with large household plants for sale. You can secure large house plants on Facebook Marketplace for a fraction of the cost you’d find at boutique plant shops. If a seller is moving, you may find they are bundling several plants or selling them at a huge bargain just to get rid of them before the move.

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your home, take advantage of Facebook Marketplace. You may not be able to search for a specific plant, but the plants you do find may already be full-grown and cost you much less. 

Art Supplies

If you’re an independent artist or avid crafter, you know how quickly art supplies can add up. And artistic materials like canvases, paints, and colored pencils will have to be repurchased once you use them or run out.

Don’t let pricey materials stop you from creating. Instead, search Facebook Marketplace to see if there are any art supplies for pickup in your area. If you are a teacher, Facebook Marketplace could be an especially budget-friendly place to stock up on simple art supplies for your classroom.

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Pet Supplies

When you’re getting a new pet, you’re most likely accruing expenses like initial vet visits and vaccines. So you don’t really want to spend an arm and a leg – or a paw and a hoof – on additional accessories. Luckily Facebook Marketplace has a large selection of items such as pet carriers, water bowls, and even food and litter for your new furry friend.


Want to find a piece with old-fashioned character and charm that really stands out in your home? Facebook Marketplace has a surprising selection of vintage and antique furniture and decor for sale, so you can go thrifting from the comfort of your couch. This section is probably the most financially dangerous as there are lots of tempting deals, so do scroll with caution.

Last Season’s Stuff

Remember when the Internet was obsessed with air fryers? What about those roller skating and bread baking videos everyone was making? Well, it turns out that some old fads can turn into new deals on Facebook Marketplace. If there’s a trend you didn’t get the chance to hop on, try searching for the materials on Facebook Marketplace. Odds are you’ll end up spending less than when everybody else was doing it!

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