Costco Membership Prices: Comparing the Perks, Fees and More

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Costco at its basic level is a club. This warehouse which requires membership sells goods in bulk to allow cheaper price points and discounts across the board. 

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Costco Membership Prices in 2022

Costco offers both personal memberships and business memberships, and its membership prices come in two tiers per category. Members can enroll in one of the following membership programs:

Costco membership prices have not increased in 2022, and the last time the company raised its membership fees was in 2017.

Can I Get a Free Costco Membership?

Costco does not offer free or discounted memberships. This is because membership fees cover the overhead costs of its business, allowing the company to provide products and services at competitively lower prices compared to other retailers. However, savvy shoppers can enjoy Costco deals without paying a membership fee, though there are limitations.

Once inside, there are many ways to pay less at Costco such as Costco coupons, secret Costco price codes and splitting bulk purchases with friends and family.

Make Your Money Work for You

Even without free Costco membership opportunities, customers can save big. A Costco membership pays for itself relatively quickly.

What To Consider Before Getting a Costco Membership

There are a few things one should consider before becoming a Costco member. First and foremost is if there is a Costco warehouse nearby.

While the company is investing in providing low-cost goods and services online, those who shop at any of its numerous locations worldwide get the most out of their membership. 

Here are some additional considerations that shoppers should make before obtaining a Costco membership:

  • Most items are sold in bulk.
  • Total purchase amounts are often high due to bulk items.
  • Membership fees are offset by taking full advantage of Costco member benefits.

What Types of Costco Memberships Are There?

Costco has two types of memberships: personal and business. When a shopper has determined which Costco membership type they want, they can select from either a standard membership or an executive membership. Here are the details on each type and their tiers.

Personal Memberships

Individual or personal memberships are available for those who want to shop at Costco. The standard tier for this membership type is called the Gold Star Membership. Here’s what it includes: 

Make Your Money Work for You

On the other hand, the Executive tier offers the same benefits and more. Here is what the higher tier offers in addition to the standard benefits: 

Business Memberships

The business memberships are designed for individuals and businesses that wish to purchase products from Costco for business or personal use and commercial resale. The standard tier is called the Business Membership. It includes the following: 

The Business Executive tier contains all the same benefits of the standard business tier, in addition to those of the personal Executive tier, as well:

Perks of a Costco Membership

Besides those unique to Costco’s Executive tier membership, there are additional benefits that all members receive, as well as a few specific to business members. Here are the essential benefits that all members can take advantage of: 

Make Your Money Work for You

Benefits for All Members

Make Your Money Work for You

Benefits for Business Members

Costco’s Competitors

Costco has strong competitors in the warehouse club retail market. The two main alternatives are Sam’s Club and BJ’s, both of which also have membership fees and ample benefits. Here are the details on what members get from each competitor.

Sam’s Club 

Like Costco, Sam’s Club offers tiers of membership. However, the membership options at Sam’s Club are slightly cheaper overall and differ in certain ways: 

Make Your Money Work for You


BJ’s also has a tiered membership program for individuals and businesses. Here’s a look at what members receive with the standard and premium personal memberships:

The company also offers a specified membership for businesses, with the same benefits split between the Inner Circle and Perks Rewards tiers, along with a few benefits reserved for them: 

Costco Membership: Pros and Cons

The choice to join Costco or not is a personal one, but the fact is that it doesn’t take much to make the membership pay for itself. 


Costco does have a large selection of discounted items. If you get the Costco app you can increase these savings along with the opportunity to stock up, save and enjoy steep discounts on food, diapers and everything else you need in your home. Costco customers can also enjoy savings on cars, travel and plenty of other things people don’t normally associate with bulk club shopping.

Make Your Money Work for You


You have to pay for a membership to shop at Costco, so if you don’t go enough it may not be worth the monthly fee. As Costco only sells in bulk, if you live alone or don’t have storage space, a Costco membership might not be the way to go. 

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