Dollar Store Spending: 44% of Americans Plan To Bargain Shop in 2023, New Survey Says

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Despite the lingering effects of inflation, the ongoing rising cost of food and a looming recession, Americans are keen on shopping. According to a new survey from DailyPay and Dollar Tree, 67% of consumers plan to spend either the same or more on retail purchases this year compared to 2022. 

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“It’s encouraging to see that Americans’ spending plans are trending upward with only a third planning to spend less this year despite these times of financial uncertainty,” said Kate Cheesman, vice president of customer success at DailyPay. 

The survey also found that 73% of Americans plan on shopping the same or more in-store in 2023 versus last year. They’ll be concentrating on buying the following items in-store, specifically: 

  • 81% of consumers will shop in-store for furniture
  • 69% will shop in-store for home goods
  • 65% will shop in-store for apparel
  • 65% will shop in-store for sporting goods
  • 59% will shop in-store for electronics
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“With more people shopping in-store, retailers will be prioritizing retaining their top talent to maximize their in-store experience,” Cheesman said. 

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Though consumers by and large aren’t reigning in spending this year, they’re still looking for savings opportunities — and much more so this year than last. The survey found that 44% are more likely to prioritize shoppers for bargains in-store this year compared to last. And Dollar Tree may be poised to deliver these bargains, much to its own continued success. The discount retailer saw hordes of consumers flock to its stores during the peak of inflation and has managed to open a slew of new locations.

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