Dollar Tree Guru Reveals 10 Standout Buys for Your Money

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Marina113 / iStock.com

It’s a store filled with bargains, but some Dollar Tree items are better deals than others. Since it’s easy to get caught up in all of the savings opportunities, it’s important to walk into the store with a strategy.

“Right now you want to think Easter and summer,” said Heather Kaley, a self-professed dollar store shopping guru. “From candy to put in those Easter baskets to spring and Easter décor to summertime fun in the pool and backyard, those are the items to look for now.”

Therefore, in some cases, it’s not necessarily which products are the best deal — it’s which products are the best deal right now. Spring is here and, like many retailers, Dollar Tree has plenty of items to help you transition to the new season.

Of course, a main difference between Dollar Tree and many other big-box retailers is the seriously low prices. Here’s a look at 10 can’t-miss deals to put in your shopping cart right now.

Make Your Money Work for You

Easter Candy

“Stock up on those Easter basket goodies,” Kaley said. “From Reese’s to Hershey’s to Starburst and even a Russell Stover chocolate bunny, you can fill up a basket for less than one or two packages alone at your local supermarket — or even other big-box retailers.”

Seriously festive, you can get a 2.68-ounce bag of Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Flat Egg-Shaped Candies for $1.25. These miniature chocolates are great for both Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts, making them a versatile find.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Beyond candy, Kaley said Dollar Tree has plenty of other items that are great for Easter baskets, such as plush toys and travel card games (Uno, etc.). Whether you’re shopping for big or little kids, this means you’ll likely be able to find something for everyone on your Easter bunny’s list.

“I even found pop-its, which are much more expensive in other stores,” Kaley said.

Specifically, Pop Bubble Snap! Plastic Toy Keychain Carabiners are $1.25 each.

Make Your Money Work for You

Easter Socks

If your kids enjoy dressing festively for holidays, they’ll definitely want Easter socks. Kaley said Dollar Tree is the place to shop for a budget-friendly pair.

“These are much more expensive at Walmart,” she said.

You’ll find several styles of Easter socks in stores for $1.25 through March 25.

As any parent knows, your little ones likely will grow out of them before next Easter, so you definitely don’t want to spend too much on holiday socks.

Easter Greeting Cards

“Why spend over $5 per card at your supermarket or even Walmart and Target when you can get cards for $1.25?” Kaley said. “Keep in mind someone is going to open it, read it and probably never look at it again, even if it finds its way into a memory box.”

Prices on greeting cards vary, but you can get Heartline brand cards — a Hallmark company — at two for $1 and Hallmark brand cards from $1 each.

Easter Décor

If you’re like many people, you enjoy buying new Easter decorations each year. Kaley said you can find plenty at Dollar Tree priced so low you won’t feel guilty if you don’t use them again next year.

“Welcome signs, ‘Happy Easter’ door hangings or even yard stakes are easily $2 to $3 more at Walmart,” Kaley said, “and again we are not saving these for next year.”

For example, you can get 23.75-inch Gingham Printed Easter MDF Wall Décor Signs With Sentiments for $1.25 each.

Make Your Money Work for You

Seasonal Dinnerware

The food you serve is important, but Dollar Tree also makes it affordable to create a themed look for your guests.

“You are putting in the effort to dress up your table and at a fraction of the cost,” Kaley said. “They have more than just pastels, but solid colors as well.”

She said these items are adorable and creative — festive tablescapes that can make your special occasion even more festive.

“So you can even get items for that summer barbecue now,” she said. “Remember, while the dollar store does have good deals, they tend to run out of items well before the holiday or season. So do not wait till the last minute.”

For example, an eight-count pack of star-shaped patriotic paper plates is $1.25.

Gardening Supplies

“From flower pots, soil, shovels, trowels, watering cans and even gloves, you can have all the tools to create a beautiful garden for less than a combo meal at McDonald’s — and certainly cheaper than Lowe’s or Home Depot,” Kaley said. “They even have seed packages, so you can grow something in that pot you bought.”

Dollar Tree sells a variety of Flower Rocket seed packs for $1.25. You also can get a two-pack of Terra-Cotta clay pots for $1.25.

Make Your Money Work for You

Pool Toys

Whether you’re looking for blowup pool toys or floats, Kaley said Dollar Tree has amazing deals on the items your family needs for fun at the beach or pool this summer.

“If you leave it behind or forget it,” she said, “you don’t feel like you broke the bank for that blowup float or ball.”

Get a 20-inch Splash-N-Swim inflatable beach ball for $1.25. You also can score 7-inch glittery plastic beach pails with shovels for $1.25 each.

Swimming Goggles

Kaley said goggles are a great find that really benefits her family.

“My kids are always losing goggles and I do feel like I consider dollar store goggles almost like disposable items,” she said. “In my house, 10 pairs of dollar store goggles are still collectively cheaper than the ones you get from other retailers — especially when you lose one of the more expensive ones.”

Available in a variety of styles, Splash-N-Swim children’s novelty swim goggles are $1.25 each.

Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags

Spring is here, so it’s time to start thinking about packing your winter sweaters and coats away for the season. However, large storage containers can easily overpower your closet, so you can rely on vacuum-sealed bags to save space.

Dollar Tree offers Essentials large vacuum storage bags for $1.25 each. In comparison, one Pratt Retail Specialties medium vacuum storage bag is $7.48 at The Home Depot.

This savings can add up fast when buying storage bags for your winter items.

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