Don’t Shop at Aldi on This Day of the Week

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Aldi is a popular discount grocer that offers a great selection of organic foods and kitchen staples for lower prices than most major grocery stores. Aldi carries lesser-known brands that offer similar flavor as big-name brands but for a much lower cost.

But there are some days you should avoid shopping at Aldi altogether.

We’ve reviewed the data and talked with Aldi experts about which days you should avoid shopping at Aldi and when you can find the best deals.

Don’t Shop on Weekends (Except…)

With many Americans working a 9-5 schedule during weekdays, it’s hard to squeeze in a grocery trip until the weekend. In fact, according to a survey by Drive Research, 59% of consumers shop for groceries on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This means that shopping at Aldi on a weekend will be crowded with fewer items available later in the weekend.

In addition, Aldi restocks shelves in the middle of the week, so shopping on a weekend will give you a smaller selection overall, and the items you came in for may be out of stock by then

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The only exception to this rule is those looking for Aldi “Hot Deals” to save money on limited-time items. Aldi restocks Hot Deals on Sundays, making it the ideal time to shop for heavily discounted items that are hard to find.

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Don’t Shop on Tuesdays Either

While Tuesday is a great day to shop at most major grocery stores (due to lower foot traffic), Aldi doesn’t restock specialty items until Wednesday. This means that the shelves may be bare on Tuesdays as it has been six days since they were last restocked.

Specifically, “Aldi Finds” are restocked on Wednesdays, while there are limited-count items that go quickly. You basically have no chance of finding a sought-after Aldi Finds item on Tuesday.

Shop Any Day at Aldi for Fresh Produce

While Aldi restocks shelves on certain days of the week, it restocks its fresh produce every morning. This gives you access to all of your favorites any day of the week.

Aldi carries fresh fruits and vegetables at every store, including a selection of certified USDA Organic produce as well. Bagged produce may not be restocked as often, but fresh produce is delivered daily to each store.

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Aldi Finds Are Restocked on Wednesdays

Aldi is known for testing hundreds of new items each year and bringing in those that pass its stringent requirements. These items include both grocery and home items and are known as “Aldi Finds,” which are limited-time, specialty products.

According to the food website Delish, Aldi refreshes its Aldi Finds section on Wednesdays, bringing in 40-50 new items each week. This includes seasonal items for holidays, back to school and more.

Here’s What Experts Say About Shopping at Aldi

We asked an Aldi shopping expert (and food blogger) for her best tips on when to shop at Aldi. Here’s what Brittany Kline of The Savvy Kitchen said about the best time to shop at Aldi (and when to avoid it):

“Generally speaking, shopping at any supermarket on weekends or during peak hours can be more crowded and hectic, which can lead to longer lines and wait times. This can be especially true at Aldi, which often offers great deals and discounts that can attract large crowds of savvy shoppers.

To avoid the rush, many shoppers prefer to plan their trips during weekdays or early mornings when the store is less crowded. This can help to ensure that you can quickly find the products you need and get through checkout without having to wait in long lines.

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That being said, the best time to shop at Aldi may vary depending on your location and individual preferences. It’s always a good idea to check your local Aldi’s store hours and plan your shopping trip accordingly to avoid any crowds or long lines.”

Bottom Line

Shopping at Aldi can save you a huge chunk of change and give you access to some unique finds and flavors you don’t find at major grocers. But if you go there on the wrong day, you may end up frustrated and empty-handed.

If you shop at Aldi, avoid Fridays and Saturdays, and don’t shop there on Tuesdays if you really want access to Aldi Finds. Shopping on Wednesday or Sunday gives you access to freshly stocked items and can help you avoid too many crowds.

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