Gen Zers Reveal the 5 Best Items They Bought for Under $100

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Body Pillow

Side sleepers, rejoice. The most popular item for under $100 among Gen Zers is a body pillow.

While body pillows are universally beloved, the most popular brand among Gen Zers are the body pillows in the Snoogle Collection by Leachco Inc. 

“There is a learning curve of a few days — you need to shape it to your comfort. It is cool and supple. They cost about $60 each, but for someone who has always struggled with pillows it’s a new level of comfort, like going from an innerspring mattress to memory foam,” one long-time body pillow fan wrote on Reddit.

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Personal Fans

Whether you’re going back to the office or working from home, personal fans are a must-have purchase for keeping cool and lowering utility bill costs.

Most retailers, including Amazon and Staples, sell personal fans for a little under $20 each. Gen Zers also cited neck fans as another personal favorite purchase, with most fans ranging $29.99 and less at retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Electric Toothbrush

“Oh yes, this is absolutely true for me. Paid less than $50 for my Sonicare. No need for a super fancy model. The base models still work great. My dentist always compliments my teeth. This never happened before I got an electric toothbrush,” one electric toothbrush user wrote on Reddit.

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Artisan Bath Soaps

If you’ve ever thought of showering as boring, there’s an easy way to hit refresh. Invest in artisan bath soaps. 

Some brands under $100 which are popular with Gen Zers include Zingari Man, Barrister and Mann and Chiseled Face. You can also find shave soaps and colognes available from these brands. 

“I recently discovered the magical world of artisan bath soaps that don’t dry my skin out, feel great and smell great. I actually look forward to my daily shower now,” one artisan bath soap user wrote on Reddit.

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Physical Alarm Clock

One of the top inexpensive purchases among the Gen Zers GOBankingRates spoke to was an alarm clock.

Physical alarm clocks, which can be as inexpensive as $10 to $15 on Amazon, might seem like an outdated concept. After all, most people just use the alarms on their smartphones to wake up right? 

For a lot of Gen Zers, however, using a physical alarm clock helps break the habit of looking at your phone the minute you wake up. You can put your phone in another room and alleviate the distraction of constantly looking at it and get a good night’s sleep. Similarly, using an alarm clock when you wake up helps ensure you get up and out of bed on time instead of staying in bed scrolling through social media apps until you realize you’ve lost track of time.

Plus, there’s no worry about needing to keep a physical alarm clock fully charged. They also remain unaffected in the event of a power outage, ensuring you won’t accidentally wake up late for anything.

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