How Much Money To Give at a Wedding This Season?

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Whether a person is a member of a wedding party or simply attending the celebration as a guest, a gift for the newlywed couple is just one thing to plan among many other wedding expenses. Unfortunately, the wedding gift can be a main source of stress for guests, especially if their budget is running low.

What makes a good wedding gift, and how can a guest know what the proper amount to spend on a wedding gift is? This will vary based on the couple, the guest’s relationship with them and more. However, regardless of the circumstances, wedding guests can find an affordable gift that will fit their budget and make the couple happy.

How Much Money To Spend on a Wedding Gift

Many different factors will affect how much a person should spend on a wedding gift. Some of these factors include:

Typically, most wedding guests will aim to spend around $100 on a wedding gift for their friends. Family members, meanwhile, spend around $125 on average. However, if a guest is only an acquaintance or coworker of the couple, they may be able to go as low as $50 for their wedding gift.

Make Your Money Work for You

It’s also acceptable to get a cheaper gift if a person has already spent money on the wedding. For example, if a bridesmaid has already contributed funds to their dress, the bridal shower, bachelorette party or other expenses, they could opt to give the couple a more affordable but sentimental gift.

How Much Money To Give at a Wedding

Many couples get married after they have already stocked their homes with all the essentials. So, if the couple doesn’t have a wedding registry, or if a guest prefers to help them build their savings or pay for the honeymoon, a cash wedding gift is a great alternative to a physical gift.

A typical cash wedding gift could range from $50 to $500, depending on the same factors listed above. Even then, aiming for the $100 mark is generally sufficient and will be comparable to the average cost of a physical wedding gift.

For those looking to gift the newlyweds cash, they may wonder how much to spend. Is $50 a good wedding gift, or is that too little? Is $200 a good wedding gift, or is that too much? Here is a general rule of thumb:

Make Your Money Work for You

How To Save Money on Wedding Gifts

If a wedding guest is worried about their budget, these tips can help them save money and still give the couple a gift they will love:

Wedding guests shouldn’t stress about not being able to buy expensive items. While wedding gifts are always appreciated, most couples value love and support throughout their wedding and marriage above all else.

Make Your Money Work for You

Gift Etiquette for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers and More

Depending on the couple, a guest’s relationship with them and whether the guest is a member of the wedding party, they may be invited to multiple parties and events leading up to the actual wedding. Below is an outline of gift etiquette for each of these occasions:

Make Your Money Work for You

Fortunately, most pre-wedding parties will not require a gift. And even when gifts are expected at a party, guests won’t need to spend as much as they might on the wedding gift.

Final Take

Once a guest has an idea of their wedding gift budget, it’s time to think about what they’d like their gift to be. Knowing what the couple wants for a gift before a person starts shopping will save money, time and unnecessary stress.

If the couple prefers cash gifts for their honeymoon fund or other savings, they should provide instructions for doing so. On the other hand, the couple may provide a link to their registry, where a guest can look for a gift that fits their budget.

Above all else, a guest should congratulate the couple and let them know they’re happy to be a part of the important occasion.