Why Thrift Shops Should Be Your New Best Friend

Thrift stores hold a variety of (affordable) hidden treasures.

With National Thrift Shop Day right around the corner, I am reminded of how great thrift shops are and how many great finds I can attribute to them. Though I’m able to grab a ton of goodies at super low prices, what I really love most about them is discovering truly unique finds.

I’m a huge fan of browsing thrift stores where I’m able to find affordable pieces that can be tied into my uniform-style wardrobe. Thrift stores provide the perfect mix of vintage, modern and classic staples that can be worn from season to season. Amazingly, many of the items that can be found in thrift stores still have the tags on them and have never been worn.

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Finding Your Brand

If you are someone who might be having challenges identifying your personal brand, thrift stores give you the flexibility to explore different styles and colors without breaking the bank. You have free rein to experiment repeatedly until you find the perfect look.

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Shop ‘Til You Drop

Additionally, if you’re on a quest to save money, shopping at thrift stores is a great way to appease your desire to shop while scaling back on how much you spend. There have been times when I’ve left a thrift store with a new outfit for under $25 and designer pieces that retail in the upper hundreds for under $50.

Make Your Money Work for You

There are items that can be found at a thrift store that simply can’t be found in big-box retailers. From books to fashion statement pieces to memorabilia and even costumes, thrift stores serve as the go-to location for many coveted items. One day, I even found my all-time favorite New Edition album.

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Giving Back

There’s another component that many thrift stores offer that serves us well beyond refreshing our wardrobes, and it’s the ability to give back to those in need. If you are anything like me, giving back is part of your normal routine–it’s second nature. Shopping at certain local and national thrift stores, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army (both have charitable components to their businesses), helps others.

Give your local thrift shop a whirl and explore the many ways in which you can save money and serve others in the process.

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