15 Items That Are Always Cheaper at Walmart

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Walmart has long been known as a low-price leader. In order to keep up with its retail rivals, Walmart continues to make adjustments in its pricing and customer-friendly shopping options — which means more Walmart deals. 

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Whether you’re shopping for kitchen staples or a new vacuum, these items are always cheaper at Walmart. The retail option is a great option in these days of rising consumer prices and inflation.


Pots and Pans

When it comes to getting the best deal on pots and pans, Walmart is likely to have cheaper options for your wallet.

Walmart sells the Rachael Ray Create Delicious Hard Anodized Aluminum 11-Piece Nonstick Cookware set with burgundy handles for $149.99, whereas Target sells the same set for $189.99. Amazon also has it marked at the higher price.

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About 34 million adults and children in the United States are diabetics, according to the American Diabetes Association. And, the group added, treating diabetes cost $327 billion in 2017, the most recent year for which statistics are available.

As with many other medicines, the price of insulin can vary depending on where you get it, and Walmart is committed to making insulin more affordable for those who don’t have insurance. For years, the retailer sold Novolin ReliOn Insulin N for just $24.88. In 2021, Walmart added the more popular, and more modern, analog 10mL insulin vials and five-pack flex pens under its ReliOn brand, priced at $72.88 and $85.88, respectively for the monthly supply.

A similar five-pack of brand-name analog insulin costs about $550 per month, according to GoodRx.

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Photo Printing

You can get your traditional 4-by-6 photos printed for nine cents apiece. The retailer also offers specialized prints, such as posters, starting at $5.86 and collage prints for as low as 15 cents each. The photo center at CVS offers prices that aren’t as low as Walmart’s. Regular prints are 27 cents each, large prints start at $11.99, and collage prints begin at 39 cents each. Target’s photo center is home-delivery only, with both prints and collage prints starting at 39 cents each.

If ordering from either CVS or Target, check the website for valuable coupons to apply to your order.

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Paper Towels

Walmart beats Target on Bounty paper towel prices. A pack of six triple-roll Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels sells for $15.74 at Walmart, whereas the same size case sells for a few cents more at Target for $15.79.

The price at Walmart and Target is a bargain compared to supermarket chain Albertsons, which stocks the six double-roll package at $16.99. That more than $1 more for the equivalent of six fewer rolls.

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Newborn Diapers

Newborn babies typically go through about 10 diapers a day, leaving many parents feeling a pinch in their wallets. Walmart offers the best price on these necessities, with Pampers Swaddlers diapers in size 1 — for babies weighing 8-14 pounds — costing $39.94 for a 168-count pack, or just 24 cents each.

Target sells the same diapers for $42.99 for the 164-count pack, which comes out to just over 26 cents each. Two cents per diaper might seem insignificant, but when you’re going through hundreds of diapers a month in the beginning stages, every cent counts.

Pro tip: Although buying diapers at the grocery store or drug store works in a pinch (we’ve all been there), don’t make it a habit. Those stores typically sell them for several cents more per diaper.

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Walmart has a wide selection of computers, and the Samsung Chromebook 4 is a good buy at $119. It has an 11.6-inch screen and offers 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD with a Chrome operating system. The Samsung website offers the same product at almost double — $229.99.

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One thing every student can’t live without is a backpack. There are plenty of brands and styles out there, but most school backpacks have some essential features in common: multiple storage compartments, wide straps and water storage.

Walmart’s Eastsport Primetime Sport Backpack retails for $11. That’s a steal compared to the Amazon Basics Ultralight Portable Packable Day Pack, which starts at $17, or Target’s Value Embark Backpack, which sells for $19.99.

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Beach Towels

If you’re dreaming of summer vacation, you might be thinking about essentials you’ll need, and that includes beach towels for the pool, beach or lake. Isn’t it funny how they seem to disappear each summer, and you always need to stock up the next year?

You can find deals on colorful, inexpensive beach towels on Walmart’s website, even out of season, starting at $8.78. Target also offers beach towels in appealing prints, but prices start at about $10 each. Costco has a limited selection of beach towels online that start at $29.99 for a pair, but that’s a hefty price for something that might not make it to the end of summer.

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6-Foot Folding Tables

Whether you’re holding a garage sale, throwing a party, camping with friends or squeezing in extra dinner guests, a large folding table is always good to have on hand. A 6-foot folding table at Walmart will cost you $44.94, compared with a similar table at Home Depot for $59.98 or one that retails for $55.99 at Target.

At Walmart’s low price, you can stock up on more than one table and host the next neighborhood block party.

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School Uniforms

Kids who wear school uniforms usually need a few sets of some basic items: polo shirts, pleated skirts or chinos. It’s easier to get dressed in the morning, but some retailers sell these items for substantially more than regular kids clothing. Luckily, Walmart has an entire section dedicated to school uniforms, including pleated skirts for about $8, boys’ chinos for as low as $12 and polos for $7 and up.

Similar items offered by other retailers cost far more. At Lands’ End, pleated skirts cost $25 and up, boys’ chinos start at $30 and polo shirts start at $14 — each.

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If you’re in need of a quality vacuum cleaner at an affordable price, Walmart has got you covered. The retailer offers a wide variety of vacuums at some of the lowest prices compared to other retail giants.

For example, you can pick up the sturdy Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum cleaners at Walmart for $199.99. But the same vacuum will cost you $20 more at Macy’s and Target.

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Shopping for luggage can be a tedious and expensive process, but Walmart has a variety of options. The Protege brand 20-inch hard-sided spinner suitcase sells for $39.99 in a variety of colors at Walmart. A slightly larger 21-inch Amazon Basics model is $75.10, and Target has a 22.5-inch case for $79.99. If you don’t need the bit more volume, why pay almost twice the price?

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Children’s Bicycles

If you’re not sure where to get a new bicycle for your toddler, niece or nephew, Walmart might be your best bet. Not only does the super retailer have a wide selection of children’s bicycles, but they are also sold at a lower price point compared to most retailers.

You can pick up the 12-inch Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Chase Bicycle in red for $84 at Walmart. An almost identical bike at Target will cost you a bundle more at $109.99. The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Chase Bicycle is the most expensive on Amazon at $119.99.

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King Bed Sheets

You’re guaranteed to save a couple of dollars on a set of king-sized microfiber bed sheets if you buy at Walmart instead of Amazon. At Walmart, the house Mainstays brand sells for $21.94, and the Amazon Basics brand costs $23.94. Target’s Room Essentials brand is priced about the same as at Walmart at $22.

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Dog Crates

Food and veterinary care, which are generally unavoidable costs, can be extremely expensive for pet owners. It makes sense to save as much as you can on extras, like toys, treats and crates.

Sometimes we’ll need a crate to transport our four-legged family members. Walmart’s price for a 36-inch crate beat those at Target and Amazon at $39.97. At Target, it’s priced at $49.99, and much higher at Amazon – $61.99.

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