Have a Losing Powerball Ticket? JCPenney Is Offering 20,000 People a Chance To Save With $20 Off $20 Coupon

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With a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning Monday night’s historic Powerball jackpot, the sting of rejection shouldn’t be too severe for those who bought tickets and didn’t win. Everyone likes to win, and JCPenney is giving 20,000 Powerball players the chance to get a $20 off $20 coupon to use on anything in-store and online — and in conjunction with all other deals, including Black Friday deals already started — if they still have a non-winning ticket handy.

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JCPenney announced its $20 off $20 coupon giveaway via Instagram on Nov. 10, posting, “Lose big on Tuesday? That’s okay, you’re always a winner in our books! Be one of the first 20,000 to DM us your losing lottery ticket and your email before the next big drawing on Saturday, Nov. 12, at 10:59 ET and we’ll send you a $20 off $20 coupon on Nov. 16, good for 24 lucky hours only.”

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Here are the details of JCPenney’s $20 off $20 coupon deal, according to the company (updated as of Nov. 14):

  • Direct message a picture of a U.S. state lottery ticket bought in November 2022 along with the participant’s email address to JCPenney’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages before the next big drawing on Saturday, Nov. 12, at 10:59 p.m. ET.
  • The first 20,000 participants will receive a message from JCPenney requesting an email address in order to receive the $20 off $20 coupon on Wednesday, Nov. 16.
  • The $20 off $20 coupon can be used for a limited time from noon ET on Wednesday, Nov. 16 until noon ET on Thursday, Nov. 17. The coupon can be used online or in-store.
  • The $20 off $20 coupon can be used in conjunction with all other deals, including Black Friday discounts.

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The world-record Powerball jackpot increased to $2.04 billion from $1.9 billion prior to Monday’s drawing and was won by a sole ticket holder in California. Whether it’s JCPenney’s limited-time $20 off $20 coupon deal or tomorrow night’s $47 million Powerball draw, you can’t win if you don’t play.

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