$425 Mud Jeans and Other Ridiculous Things You Can Buy at Nordstrom

Jeans with faux mud are just one of the bizarre items you can buy at Nordstrom.


Nordstrom has done it again. The high-end retailer most recently made headlines over its discontinuation of Ivanka Trump brand items, but this time it’s catching attention for a very different reason — $425 jeans covered in fake mud.

The high-end retailer describes the pants as embodying “rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action.” With a caked-on muddy coating, Nordstrom insists that the pants are fit for those who are “not afraid to get down and dirty.” Apparently faux dirt doesn’t come cheap.

This is certainly not the first time the retailer has offered a questionable product. Here are four other ridiculous items you can buy — and hopefully return — at Nordstrom.

Medium Leather Wrapped Stone

For $85, you can have your very own rock in a pocket — more eloquently named the Medium Leather Wrapped Stone by Nordstrom. Whether there are small or large leather wrapped stones is unclear. In fact, a lot seems unclear about what this item even is. In the product description, Nordstrom suggests it can be a paperweight, conversation piece or even work of art — that noble decision is up to you.

If you’re jonesing to bring home this very unique coffee table dressing, you’re not alone. The item is shockingly sold out.

GUCCI Ilse Sock Sandal

Perhaps the most bizarre item on the list, this pair of red leather GUCCI sandals comes complete with a fake foot insert. Calling it a “take on the sock-with-sandals trend,” the retailer sells a shiny plastic “sock” with a peachy flesh tone inside an otherwise normal heeled sandal.

What possessed Nordstrom to carry this Halloween-like item is unknown, as is what would inspire anyone to pay $1,190 for it.

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Clear Knee Mom Jeans

Besides using dressing like your mom as a selling point, Nordstrom made the horrific mistake of taking a section out of these light wash jeans and replacing it with a clear plastic panel. Because who doesn’t want to show off their knee caps?

Pick up a pair of these “futuristic” pants for just $95. What a steal!

‘Barracuda’ Destroyed Straight Leg Jeans

Abercrombie might have made destroyed denim popular back in the early 2000s, but this pair of tattered jeans takes the trend a step — or many steps — too far. The patched, distressed jeans are splotched with red paint highly reminiscent of blood, giving these pants that classic “I just escaped a zombie attack” feel.

Nordstrom calls the pants “wearable abstract art” and prices them at a lofty $425. But don’t worry, shipping is free.

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