Walmart Surprises: 10 Popular Name-Brand Products You Can Find There

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Where to go to get the best deal on name-brand items? The answer might just be Walmart. The big-box giant has a serious advantage over competitors because it’s able to offer an array of brand names at a discount, or at least, at a super competitive price. How are they able to do this? It comes down in part to the nature of deals they have set up with the brands. 

“They may have deals with brands to only offer exclusive items, which means they can keep prices low because there’s essentially no competition, as you can’t find those items anywhere else,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at

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Additionally, Walmart brings its own mega-brand power to the table. This gives it the power to negotiate.   

“Walmart can more easily strike deals with manufacturers in order to offer products at low prices to compete with other big retailers like Amazon,” Ramhold said. “It also helps that Walmart often works directly with those manufacturers, rather than having to deal with a middle person.”

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Here’s a look at some of the big brands that Walmart sells, what the brand offers, along with how much its products sell for at Walmart and whether that’s a worthy deal. 

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Food processors, air fryers, indoor grills and blenders are just a few of the items Ninja specializes in. At Walmart, prices on Ninja appliances start at around $40. This is a competitive price but not particularly jaw-dropping. You can also find the same items for the same price, roughly, at Amazon. 


“Select colognes and perfumes from around $50 depending on which one you choose,” Ramhold said. “You’ll definitely save, though; other retailers tend to charge around $60 or more for the same items.” 

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“At Walmart, Reebok clothing and accessories (including intimates, activewear, socks, and bags) start around $7,” Ramhold said, noting that similar items go for around $18 directly at “While not every item may provide the same level of savings, it’s easy to see that there’s definitely value savings with this brand.”

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Quest Nutrition

“This is a big brand with those following diets such as keto-based,” Ramhold said. “While you can purchase larger packages from Quest directly, a 12 pack of their protein cookies works out to about $2.20 per cookie. At Walmart, you can purchase the same item for $20.23, which works out to $1.69 per cookie. Walmart also carries other Quest products as well, including protein bars, low carb candies, chips, and snack bars. Prices will vary based on the product, but you can expect to save on those over purchasing direct from Quest as well.”

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“This is another popular keto-friendly snack that was difficult to find at most retailers until the last couple of years,” Ramhold said. “A 6-pack of on-the-go snack packs goes for $4.98 at Walmart, which is 83 cents per bag. Other retailers will charge closer to $7 for the same thing, which means you’ll pay about $1.17 per bag in that case. Walmart has multiple flavors and single, 2.12oz packages, but the snack packs tend to be a better price per ounce.”

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“This brand has been around for a while now, but some shoppers may still be surprised they can find it at places like Walmart,” Ramhold said. “You’ll also find decent savings by shopping the brand there; for instance, Walmart charges $6.97 for a 12oz jar of Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, while other retailers charge $7 for the same amount or between $9 and $11 for 16oz.”

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Michael Kors

“[In 2020] Walmart started a partnership with ThreadUp to sell new and pre-owned designer clothing, including Michael Kors,” said Chloe Choe, owner of personal finance and side hustle blog Off House Hustle. “You can buy a Jet Set Large Chain Crossbody for $119.99 at Walmart while you can find it on other websites such as Gaby’s Bags for $136.88.” 


“Walmart doesn’t only sell drugstore makeup brands — you can also buy MAC cosmetics at Walmart,” Choe said. “Popular products include the MAC Eyeshadow x9, MAC Cosmetics Studio Foundation, and MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Eyeshadow. You can buy these products for a couple dollars cheaper than what you can get it for at places like Nordstrom or Sephora.”

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“I was impressed that you can get the latest Nintendo games like Triangle Strategy, value-for-money game bundles, and accessories like a full travel kit for the Lite console and very affordable carry cases,” said Dan Troha of Draftsim, a Magic: The Gathering Fan Site. “Walmart is making a decent effort on the gaming front overall. But their stock levels are average comparatively. The other problem with Walmart is they aren’t as competitive with pricing for Nintendo products.

“Target has the Switch Lite console for just $199.99, while Walmart’s selling price is $245.99,” Troha said. “They are cheaper than Adorama though, whose offerings are a bit disappointing.”


“Gucci sunglasses, shoes, perfumes, colognes and jewelry are available at Walmart,” said Maria Alfano, founder of The Silver Diaries, a site about saving money while transitioning into retirement. “Prices average around $600.00 for a pair of Gucci sneakers and $100.00 for Gucci perfumes.” 

These are significant savings. On Gucci’s site, a pair of Gucci tennis shoes sells for close to $900. The catch, Alfano noted, is that Walmart is selling last season’s products. 

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