Safeway Holiday Hours for 2022

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Shopping can be exhausting during the holidays. With everyone rushing to buy gifts and do last-minute grocery runs, it’s essential to know your store’s holiday hours ahead of time so that you don’t accidentally show up when they’re closed.

Even a simple trip to the local Safeway can require extra planning this time of year. Knowing your Safeway’s open and close hours during the holidays is very important. Keep reading to learn more about Safeway holiday hours for 2021.

Safeway Regular Operating Hours

Safeway stores are usually open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday. While these are the general store operating hours, the times may differ from one store to another. Therefore, it’s advisable to confirm your local store’s operating hours .

During the holidays, the schedule is a little different. Additionally, during major sales, it’s common for Safeway stores to open earlier and close later than usual to cater to the surge in customers.

Safeway Hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

This year, Safeway stores are going the extra mile to ensure they remain open as long as possible to meet their customer’s needs. Safeway stores will remain open on Christmas Eve, but the stores might close early. So, make sure you check your local store’s schedule .

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But is Safeway open on Christmas? Safeway will keep its doors closed on Christmas Day. This means you’ll have to get all your shopping done on Christmas Eve or go shopping on Boxing Day.

Safeway Hours on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Safeway stores will be open for limited hours on New Year’s Eve. Like many other retail stores, most stores will close early, so make sure to get your shopping done early. On New Year’s Day, Safeway will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Safeway Hours on Thanksgiving

Even with all the preparation, you might find yourself in need of a last-minute grocery run. Most stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day. Luckily, Safeway will remain open on Thanksgiving 2021 for limited hours.

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However, it’s important to note that not all Safeway stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day. It would be wise to call your local store and determine whether they’ll be open and what hours they will be operating.

Safeway Holiday Return Policy for 2022

Safeway allows you to return products, provided that you present the receipt and the items to their store. If you’re dissatisfied with a product, you can return it for a full refund. There’s no time limit for making these returns, but it typically depends on the type of product you’re returning. It’s important to note that Safeway doesn’t accept returns for certain products like alcoholic beverages and baby formula.

What Stores Will Be Open on Christmas and New Year’s?

Here’s the holiday schedule for some of the major retail stores you might want to visit. To ensure that you visit at the right time, contact your local store and confirm their operating hours as there might be slight differences between stores.

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Check with your local store for specific working hours.

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Confirm with the nearest store for specific operating hours.


Working hours may vary by location.


Working hours may vary between stores.

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Hours may change depending on the store location.

Final Take

Safeway is dedicated to ensuring their customer’s needs are met, which is why their stores are scheduled to remain open even during major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. It’s important to note that the store will not be open on Christmas Day. Sometimes during the holidays, the store operates for limited hours, so make sure you confirm your local store’s operating hours before stopping by.

Information is accurate as of Jan. 24, 2022.