Save Up to 26% on Clothing — What Other Items Are Worth Buying in October 2022

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The spookiest month is creeping up on us, but consumers should be unafraid to shop certain categories, as they can discover some significant discounts.

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According to new research from RetailMeNot, select items will see prices slashed in the month of October, making it the perfect time to start shopping for the holidays.

Here’s a look at what to buy in October, and how much you stand to save.

Casual Apparel

Evidently retailers overstocked on casual, work-from-home apparel, and now it’s being marked down in order to make way for new inventory. RetailMeNot is also tracking sales on denim jackets, jeans, lightweight hoodies and transitional tops that could be ideal for fall weather — and has spotted discounts in the ballpark of 26% off. Old Navy, Gap and Kohl’s should be go-to retailers for these markdowns.

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Toys and Kids Products

Every holiday season, toys surge in demand. It’s best to get slightly ahead of the momentum by buying toys and other kids items in October, where you can save an average of 23%. Check out pre-Black Friday sales for the best scores.

Home and Garden — With a Fall Twist

You may not find as much patio furniture on sale now as you would have around Labor Day weekend, but you can still find some savings in the home and garden arena. It’s a good time to shop for patio accessories (like throw blankets) and bigger buys (like fire-pits) that bring a cozy, autumnal touch to your outdoor space. Head on over to Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart for discounts averaging 20%. 


Gifts is a pretty broad category, because really, anything can be a gift. But retailers tend to home in on specific items that sell big on Black Friday. Think gaming bundles, jewelry, TVs, and even the latest phones. You could find savings in the scope of 18% off. Keep an eye on those early Black Friday sales from retailers like Costco, Target and Walmart.

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Seasonally Themed Items

Halloween decor will be priced the highest in the first half of October, but toward the end of the month we should start to see prices slashed by an average of 17%. But remember, shop for ghouls and goblins later rather than sooner, and hold off on candy until Nov. 1.

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