13 Surprising and Affordable Things You Can Buy at Aldi

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jetcityimage / Getty Images

Aldi is a discount grocery store originally from Germany and has been growing fast in the United States due to its excellent prices and inventory. Aldi’s stores offer a variety of store-brand and name-brand goods all at a lower price.

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Part of what makes Aldi so great is the fact that so much can be found in one place. That cuts down on both time and money spent shopping.

Here are 13 surprising items that you can buy at Aldi now.


1. Scented Candles

If you want to add a nice aromatic ambience to your dinner party or home on any day, consider adding this to your grocery list. Prices for these candles start at about $2.49 each.

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2. Body Wash/Lotion for Babies

Aldi’s selection of products for infants is nothing to scoff at, with a variety of different foods and accessories that you can buy for your child. They even have a cleansing lotion for babies, priced at just $3.85.

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3. Multivitamins

Pick up multivitamins for the whole family while you get your grocery shopping done. Aldi sells children’s and adult’s Welby-brand gummy multivitamins for the reasonable price of $9.69.

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4. Ibuprofen

Aldi also has painkiller medications for only $2.15 per container. Their price is cheaper than many other retailers, which would sell ibuprofen for over three dollars.

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5. Ahi Tuna

Change up the menu tonight with these frozen specialty cuts of ahi tuna. They go for $5.95 for 12 oz, which is a steal compared to other grocery stores’ prices.

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6. Protein Powder

On top of having what you need for meal planning, Aldi also carries protein powder. It’s $18.69 for 2 lbs of Millville Elevation protein powder with your choice of chocolate or vanilla flavor.

7. Coconut Oil

Aldi offers coconut oil for a lower price than some other stores. You can pick up a 14 oz jar of Simply Nature organic coconut oil for only $4.19.

8. Fair-Trade Coffee

Aldi has a wide selection of fair-trade coffees to choose from for around $4-$8 per container — cheaper than many other stores.

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9. Trail Mix

Shop a variety of trail mixes, including a 10 oz bag of Southern Grove trail mix at $2.85.

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10. Brand-Name Shampoo

You can expect to find bottles of name-brand shampoos at Aldi for a fraction of their price at other stores. For example, you can get a bottle of Head And Shoulders shampoo for only $4.05.


11. Edamame Spaghetti

If you follow a gluten-free diet or you just like trying new things, you can pick up some Simply Nature Edamame Spaghetti for $2.85.

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12. Gourmet Chocolate

Aldi has a wide selection of chocolates to choose from. You can even expect to find some gourmet chocolates, like Moser Roth chocolate bars that go for $2.19 a pop.

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13. Electric Fly Swatters

Are you trying to keep your house free of flies this summer? Aldi sells all kinds of insect zappers and trappers, like their Gardenline paddle fly zappers that go for $5.99 each.

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