Target Items That Give You the Best Bang for Your Buck

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If you’re a fan of shopping at Target, you probably already know that you’ll pay a little more there for some items compared to Walmart and dollar stores. However, there are also items that are a much better deal at Target than you’ll typically find elsewhere.

Plus, the big-box retailer has plenty of savings opportunities available to help you stack up the discounts. These include its Target Circle loyalty program and discounts connected to shopping with its Target RedCard.

From deodorant to seasonal merchandise and plenty in between, here are several Target items that will give you the best bang for your buck and help you save some bucks, too.

Ulta Makeup Items

“Target carries select makeup items from Ulta, and while the list price may be the same, if you have Target Circle or a Target RedCard, you can save extra, which means you’ll stretch your dollar further,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst for DealNews

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Overtone Hair Color

“This is a product that was previously direct-to-consumer, but now you can shop these items online at Target,” said Ramhold. “In addition to saving extra with a RedCard or via the loyalty program, these kinds of things are often eligible for Target’s special promotions where you buy a certain amount and receive a gift card. For instance, this one would qualify for a beauty promotion where a $40 beauty purchase would result in a $10 gift card.”

Candy of All Kinds

“Target has a great selection of candy with great prices in general; however, the theater boxes go for around $1 or so, which makes them a cheap way to indulge,” Ramhold said. “One of the best offers to look for though is a discount with same-day services. Often Target will discount bags of select candies as long as you utilize same-day delivery or either in-store or drive-up pickup (the latter two are free!).”

Mochi Ice Cream

“If you’re a fan of My/Mochi ice cream, you have to check out the selection at Target,” said Ramhold. “Not only is the price generally better than other grocery stores, but they also tend to have far more flavors available.”

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Noosa Yogurt

“This is another brand that routinely ends up being cheaper at Target than elsewhere,” said Ramhold. “There are multiple sizes to choose from and a decent selection of flavors compared to some other stores, but the prices are hands down the best I’ve seen, at least in my area.”

Native Deodorant

“This is another direct-to-consumer brand that you can only get at Target (or on the brand’s website),” said Ramhold. “If you’re hesitant to order these straight from Native or just want to save extra on your favorites, Target should be your go-to. In addition to a variety of scents, you can also pick up minis for much less if you want to try out a scent before committing to a larger size.”

She continued, “You can also buy minis at Native itself, but with Target you’ll save extra via Target Circle and RedCard, and of course, you can pick it up right away in many cases rather than having to wait for it to ship. Plus, it’s eligible for select Target promotions, such as buy one, get one for 25% off via same-day services.”

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“Furniture items are actually great things to buy at Target,” said Jake Hill, CEO of DebtHammer. “The selection is good, the quality is even better, and the price is excellent in comparison. If you go to furniture stores or places like Hobby Lobby, you will almost always end up paying more for similar products. So, if you are putting together a home office, make Target your first stop.”

Target’s Own Brands

“From groceries to beauty items to cleaning supplies to fashion, Target has an amazing collection of store brand products at affordable prices,” said consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch. “You are looking at saving around 30% on a variety of merchandise by choosing Target’s Up & Up brand when it comes to baby diapers, other baby products, beauty goods and cleaning supplies; Market Pantry for groceries; Made by Design for home goods; Cat & Jack for kid’s fashion; and A New Day or All in Motion for women’s clothing and fitness apparel.”

Woroch added, “Not only are prices more competitive on Target’s own brands, but they are more generous with sales and coupons on these items too. Target regularly runs sales on their own brand merchandise and you are more likely to find coupons on these goods as well through Target’s Circle app. Always check the app for a coupon before checking out!”

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Dollar Bin

“You can find a selection of seasonal merchandise, crafts and kids toys on the dollar bin at Target, typically located right by the entrance,” advised Woroch. “Just make sure you only buy what you actually need and don’t let the cheaper prices influence you to pick up a bunch of items that aren’t necessary and don’t get used. I love these items for Easter Baskets, stocking stuffers and birthday party favors.”

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