Does Target Price Match?

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When purchasing holiday gifts, it’s a good idea to compare different retailers to try and find the lowest prices. But what if you would like to make all your purchases in one store or have already bought an item before realizing it’s cheaper elsewhere? 

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If you shop at Target, you’re in luck. The retailer’s robust price match guarantee can help you pay the best price for all your holiday purchases. Keep reading to learn about Target’s price match guarantee and other ways to save.

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy?

Target offers the following options for customers who want to request a price match:

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Target will match the prices of any retail or online store on its list of competitors. While Target’s price match policy does have exclusions, it does cover many major retailers.

What Is Target’s Policy on Price Adjustments?

If you buy an item at a Target store or on Target.com and then find it cheaper elsewhere, it may not be too late. Target has a 14-day price adjustment policy, which means you can get a partial refund for the difference if you find the same item elsewhere at a lower price within 14 days of making your purchase.

Target offers the following ways to get a price adjustment:

Keep in mind that the lower price must be currently available when you request a price adjustment. Target does not offer price adjustments if the competitor’s offer has already expired. Therefore, to get a price adjustment, the proof of the lower price you provide must clearly show that the offer is current.

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An example of proof could be an online listing or a local print ad. The Target employee who helps you must be able to verify online offers; therefore, if you request an adjustment at a store location, you cannot use a screenshot or picture without a link to the online listing as proof of a lower price.

How Does Target’s Holiday Price Match Policy Work?

For the 2022 holiday season, Target has extended its price match policy. If an item purchased on or after Oct. 6 becomes cheaper at your local Target or on Target.com on or before Dec. 24, Target will refund you the difference.

Note that this extension only applies to lower prices on Target.com or at your local Target. For online or local retail competitor price matching, the standard 14-day period still applies.

Does Target Price Match Anyone?

Target does not price match everyone, but its price match policy is robust and covers a large selection of online and local retail competitors. For local retail competitors, Target’s policy is to price match all local retail stores within a 25-mile radius of the Target store you are visiting. If you order an item from Target.com, Target will price match all local retail competitors within a 25-mile radius of the billing address or shipping address you entered when making your purchase.

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Target has a list of the competitors it will price match. If a retailer is not on its list of online competitors, Target will probably refuse the price match. The online competitors on the list are:

Does Target Price Match Against Amazon?

Target does price match Amazon.com, with some limitations. Target does not price match any offers exclusive to Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh. Amazon Marketplace offers from third-party sellers are also excluded.

Like all other listings eligible for price matching, the item on Amazon.com must be identical in terms of the brand name, model number, color, size, weight and quantity. It must be in stock and available for shipping and delivery to your location.

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Saving on Holiday Purchases

There are a few tips you can keep in mind to save money when buying gifts for the holidays. First, always keep an eye out for coupons or promo codes when purchasing in-store and online. While fewer retailers now print and send out coupons in the mail, their digital coupons can sometimes offer great deals. When buying online, always check for promo codes through one of the many popular browser extensions available to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible price.

Some credit cards may offer increased cash back on purchases in certain stores. When shopping at Target, using the Target RedCard allows you to save 5% on most purchases. If you get a price match discount, using the RedCard will often still get you an additional 5% discount, making it so that many items are cheaper at Target than at other retailers.

Final Take

Now that you know everything you need to know about Target’s price match policy, you can be sure you’re making informed decisions when planning your holiday shopping. While researching different retailers’ offers for price matching and looking for other ways to save, such as coupons and offers, can be time-consuming, finding an excellent deal can make the experience worth it.

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  • What are the guidelines for Target's price match policy?
    • Some of the key guidelines, among others outlined in Target's price match policy, include the following:
    • — All prices must be valid and current at the time of price match.
    • — The item must be identical in terms of the brand name, model number, color, size, weight and quantity.
    • You must select the current store location when price matching with the Target app.
    • — Target reserves the right to limit the number of identical items a client can buy at a price-matched price.
  • Are there any exclusions from Target's price match policy?
    • Here are some of the key exclusions noted in Target's price match policy, among others that apply:
    • — If you have to log in to a website to see a price, Target excludes it from its price match policy.
    • — Target excludes items marked as used, clearance, open-box, refurbished or liquidation sale from price matching.
    • — Target does not price match alcohol with online retailers like Amazon.com.

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