Ten Great Gift Ideas for High School Graduates

Photo: JoshBerglund19

Graduating high school is a major milestone for teens — it is the end of one chapter of their lives and the beginning of another. To congratulate the grad in your life with a gift, whether you’re looking to save money on the purchase or go all-out, here is a list of some of the best high school graduation gifts to help your grad commemorate his or her big day:

Top 10 Best High School Graduation Gifts

1. Jewelry

This is quite traditional, but it lets the graduate enjoy this gift for a lifetime. A bracelet or frame makes a lovely gift for a woman, while men may prefer a watch, cuff links, keychain or pen. The jewelry does not have to be expensive, but one thing to note is that July and August are the best time to buy jewelry because there are no gift-giving holidays in those months.

2. Clothing gift card

It is tough to shop for young adults as their taste in clothing changes so quickly! A gift card will help them purchase new clothes for college or a new job.

3. College Gear

No matter what post-secondary school the student is attending, college gear makes a nice gift. Most colleges and universities have online stores where you can order gifts likeĀ  sweatshirts, t-shirts, fleeces, hats, backpacks and mugs.

4. A piece of luggage

A gift of luggage could inspire travel, which is useful during any type of gap year or spring breaks.

5. Book about future field of study or career

If the graduate is entering a post-secondary program like Marketing or Psychology, find a popular author in that field to get your graduate inspired. This gives the graduate more information in their field and shows what is currently happening in the industry.

6. Professional photo books

It is so easy to create photo books with many websites providing this service. Using some photos they have from high school and earlier years, create a photo book that your graduate will remember in college and well after high school. It is a sentimental gift but it helps them remember the “good old times.”

7. Entertainment Book or Coupon Book

Graduates will start to make their own money and see how quickly money goes as they earn it. A great gift is a coupon book for saving money on restaurants, entertainment, and recreation.

The Entertainment Book is a good idea since it has many offers inside and is often under $25 when it is on sale. There are over 160 local Entertainment editions, covering every major city throughout North America.

8. Art

The best graduation gifts can include art because it’s personal and special. Art can include an inspirational quote or even a photo of a favorite place of the graduate.

9. “Big ticket” item

If you have a larger family and have a larger budget for a gift, you could pool your gift money together and get a more expensive “big ticket” item like a new laptop, or pay for their college textbooks.

10. Money!

A gift of cash gift may look impersonal, but for the young adults it is much appreciated. The graduate will be able to purchase something they need for college or work and will be able to remember you when they use that money. If you don’t think the receiver will be responsible with cash, however, consider opening a savings account in their name and starting it off with a deposit.

Are there any gift ideas you think would make great gifts for a high school graduate?