4 Items You Can Get on Amazon That You Didn’t Know You Needed

You didn't even know you needed these items until right now.

Amazon has grown into the ubiquitous one-stop online shop for almost everything. Alongside the essentials like groceries, clothes, household supplies and electronics, Amazon also covers the realm of weird, wacky and wild, too.

Read on to see some of the strangest stuff up for grabs on Amazon.

Hot Dog Toaster

Forget the headache of boiling or nuking your franks — with the addition of this specially-designed hot dog toaster, you’ll be saying “hot diggity dog” in no time flat. The time-saving appliance fits two regular-sized dogs at a time — and even toasts two buns in the process — all for $15.44.

Potted Plants

If you’re looking to add some lush greenery to your abode, Amazon is a “prime” spot to look. With the rollout of the new Amazon Plants Store, you can grab all kinds of vegetation — from succulents to shrubs, annuals to perennials and anything in between. For example, you can snag a 4.5-inch violet butterfly bush for $17.99 or a potted 20-to-24-inch orchid for $37.91.

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Bacon-Flavored Toothpicks

If you’re achin’ for some bacon, Amazon is the store for you. Aside from carrying a plethora of crazy and cheap bacon-themed items, the online retailer even has toothpicks guaranteed to make you smile. You can grab this 80-pack of bacon-flavored toothpicks for just $4 — but heads up, they’re not edible.

Sloth Shower Curtain

The sloth is the spirit animal of all who enjoy indulging in their lazy side — so next time you’re taking a long, relaxing shower, spruce up your bathroom with a reminder to slow things down a bit. For just $29.99, you can get this quirky shower curtain with a saucy sloth shimmying down a stripper pole.

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Prices are accurate as of April 23, 2018.